Katherine Kentistou

MRC Research Fellow


  • BSc in Biology (2015), Newcastle University, UK 

  • MSc in Human Molecular Genetics (2016), Imperial College London, UK  
  • PhD in Precision Medicine (2020), Doctor of Philosophy, University of Edinburgh, UK

Research summary


Katherine was an MRC-funded Research Fellow and alumna of the first cohort of the MRC Doctoral Training Programme in Precision Medicine at the University of Edinburgh. Her research focus is identifying and characterising novel gene drivers of human adiposity and body composition.

She worked with population-level big data from UKBiobank, combining genetic and imaging datasets, to identify genomic regions that associate with disease risk-conferring body composition patterns. She also validated some of the genes she identified in animal models.

List of publications: https://scholar.google.co.uk/citations?user=cP_q6eQAAAAJ&hl=en

Webinar outlining work: https://youtu.be/SSj0lnW72oo?t=1603