Kathryn Nave

PhD Philosophy


I am currently a PhD student on philosopher, Andy Clark's European Research Council- funded project 'Expecting Ourselves', which aims to investigate the nature of conscious experience in the predictive brain.

My research focuses on using the Predictive Processing framework to develop further connections between phenomenology and cognitive science, specifically: exploring how the Husserlian account of visual phenomenology and predictive processing can inform each other, to help map the content of conscious experience onto the mechanisms of the brain. 

More recently I'm interested in whether Predictive Processing can help scale up enactivist approaches to cognition, and to what extent the Free Energy Principle is able to capture the attempt to understand living systems in terms of autopoiesis and autonomy.

I have also worked with other members of the team, led by psychologist, David Carmel, on designing and implementing a series of experiments to test the relationship between prediction and conscious awareness.

Outside my PhD studies I work as a science and technology journalist, primarily as a contributing editor for WIRED Magazine.


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Undergraduate teaching

Mind, Matter and Language 

Philosophy of Science

Invited speaker

2019, June 3, “Predictive Processing: Helmholtzian or Enactivist?”  at iMinds Predictive Processing Summer School Online


2018, October 10, “Visual Experience in the Predictive Brain", atGlasgow University Philosophy Society, UK. 



November 4-6, "Timescales of Life and Mind" at The University of Edinburgh:

An interdisciplinary conference bringing together 14 speakers to attempt to identify whether there are shared principles governing the organization and operation of single-celled organisms that scale up to the level of complex cognizers, or whole societies.

Papers delivered


September 25, "Enactivist Predictive Processing and the Continuity of Life and Mind." at Receent Developments in Situated Cognition. Ruhr Universität, Bochum, Germany

May 31, “Visual Phenomenology and Predictive Processing: Disambiguating two notions of Determinacy” at Clark and His Critics.The University of Edinburgh, UK

“Enactivist Approaches to the Problem of Consciousness ” at Modelling Consciousness. Dorfgastein, Austria


December 2, “Visual Experience in the Predictive Brain: Indeterminate, but not Probabilistic”, at MindGrad,The University of Warwick, UK. 


November 10, "We are Living in a Predictable World and I am a Predictable Girl: Voluntary Servitude Social Construction and Predictive Processing” (with Wilson Lee), at The 22nd Oxford Graduate Philosophy Conference. Oxford, UK. 


October 10, Presented “Visual Experience in the Predictive Brain", at Glasgow University Philosophy Society, UK. 


July 15, Presented “Predicament and Predictability: Voluntary Servitude, Social Construction and Predictive Processing” (with Wilson Lee), at the 4E Cognition and Marxism Conference,The University of Edinburgh, UK. 


July 4, Presented “A Predictable Predicament: Voluntary Servitude, Looping and Predictive Processing” (with Wilson Lee), for the British Postgraduate Philosophy Conference.


June 26-29, Presented a poster “Perceptual determinacy in the Probabilistic Brain” at the ASSC 22(Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness), Krakow. 


March 30, Presented “Perceptual determinacy in the Probabilistic Brain” for the University of Edinburgh Work in Progress (WIP) group, UK. 



November 3, “Anticipation Phenomenology and Predictive Processing”, at the Mind & Cognition Group, Edinburgh, UK. 


In the press

Journalism (selected articles) 

Clark, A., Wilkinson, S., Nave, K. and Deane, G. (in press) “Getting Warmer: Interoception, Inference and Feeling” in Emotions and Reasons (Candiotto ed.) Palgrave Macmillan. *authorship alphabetical


Miller, M., & Nave, K. (2019). Slimes and cyborgs: stretching the boundaries of life. Adaptive Behavior, 1059712319843267. *authorship alphabetical