Karin Purshouse


I am a Medical Oncology Registrar currently undertaking a PhD in Regenerative Medicine.  

I am the Clinical Outreach and Scotland Lead for the UK Coronavirus Cancer Monitoring project: https://ukcoronaviruscancermonitoring.com/


MBBS (Hons) - University of Newcastle upon Tyne, BSC (Hons) - Imperial College London, MSc - University of Edinburgh, PGCert Health Research - Oxford University, MRCP (Med Onc), FRSA

Responsibilities & affiliations

Honorary Specialty Registrar in Medical Oncology, NHS Lothian

Research summary

Steve Pollard research group

Current research interests

I am interested in the spatial regulation of gene expression and how this affects initiation and propagation of glioblatoma stem cells, having previously worked in the areas of DNA damage and hypoxia in cancer. Other current research: - Member of Project Management Group, UK Coronavirus Cancer Monitoring Project: https://ukcoronaviruscancermonitoring.com/ - Co-Principal Investigator Scottish COVID CAncer iMmunity Prevalence (SCCAMP) study: https://cancer-data.ecrc.ed.ac.uk/sccamp/ - Scotland lead for National Oncology Trainees Collaborative for Healthcare Research (NOTCH)

Past research interests

Previous labs: Prof Adrian Harris - Oxford University - https://www.oncology.ox.ac.uk/team/adrian-harris, Prof Ester Hammond - Oxford University - https://www.oncology.ox.ac.uk/team/ester-hammond, Ass. Prof Ranjit Bindra - Yale University - https://bindralab.org/

Knowledge exchange

Publications available at:



Current project grants

Wellcome Trust PhD Fellowship

Past project grants

NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow (Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust)
Fulbright Postgraduate Award