Kait Simpson (PhD student)

Thesis title: University Sport and Mental Health


Kait has a wide breadth of experiences in the sport industry across varies contexts and sectors. She is interested in developing value-based and regulated care models in sport health systems. Her current investigations are focused on evaluating epidemiological factors for mental health in athletes cross-culturally.

Kait's research interests stem from her recent work for the NFL Player Care Foundation Healthy Body and Mind Program, and from her own elite sporting background as an NCAA and Canadian national level athlete.  During her time as a collegiate athlete, she was a nominee for “NCAA Woman of the Year” for her commitment to improving the welfare of student-athletes and for her pioneering work to bring appropriate mental health resources and awareness to athletic departments around the country. 


MPH, Health Systems Management (Tulane University, New Orleans)

BS, Public Health and Psychology (Tulane University, New Orleans)

Current research interests

Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Mental Health Provision in Higher Education Sport Settings

Past research interests

National Football League (NFL) post-career health outcomes, NCAA Transition out of Sport Interventions, Student-Athlete Barriers to Mental Healthcare

Project activity

Currently working on an international comparative analysis of university sport health systems. Interests include the epidemiology of mental illness in the university environment, the standardization and regulation of practices, and responding to the 2019 International Olympic Committee (IOC) Consensus Statement on Mental Health future directions for research investigations.