Junjay Lin (PhD student)

Thesis title: International Relations and Development for Sport in Taiwan


JunJay has an interdisciplinary background in Urban Planning, Design, and Sport Management. He is a diehard baseball fan and an amateur baseball/softball player. After completing his BS and MSC in Taiwan, JunJay worked as a research associate in the Stanley Wang Design School at National Taiwan University from 2016 to 2018. In 2018, he did a Master's Degree in South Korea(2018-2020). JunJay joined the University of Edinburgh in 2020 after completing his Master in Sport Management at Seoul National University

JunJay's research interests, motivated by his academic and life experience, focus on the field of sport for development and peace(SDP) and the capability approach(CA), the intersection of the sport industry, stadium project, and urban planning, and sport and international relations. 


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Master of Sports Management(MSM), Global Sports Management Major, Seoul National University, South Korea

Master of Science(MSc), Building and Planning, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Bachelor of Science(BS), Urban Planning, Feng-Cha University, Taiwan

Current research interests

The intersection of the sports industry, stadium project, urban (re)development Sports and international relations from the political-economy perspective Social exclusion/inclusion through youth baseball Sports and Environmentalism from the Sports for Development and Peace (SDP) Sport Policy Analysis from the Sports for Development and Peace (SDP) Sport and physical education from the Critical Pedagogy Perspective

Current project grants

Government Fellowship, Ministry of Education, Taiwan

Past project grants

BAXI Asian Future Leaders Scholarship Program, Hong Kong
SNU Global Scholarship, Seoul National University, South Korea