Junaid Ahmad

Thesis title: Archaeological identity of the Hindu Shahis of Kabul and Gandhara: A Review


Junaid Ahmad has  a multidisciplinary background, holding a BSc in Mathematics and Physics, an MA in Cultural Heritage and Tourism Management, and an MPhil in Hindu Temple Archaeology, completed in 2015. Currently, he is working on his doctoral thesis under the guidance of Dr. Xavier Rubio-Campello, Dr. Joanne Rowland, and Prof. Ruth Young. Junaid's earlier research focused on the architectural heritage of the Hazara Region under British rule and the Hindu temple architecture of Kashmir. His current PhD focuses on unraveling the archaeological identity of the 'Hindu Shahis', a dynasty spanning early 9th to early 11th century Pakistan and Afghanistan.


MA Cultural Heritage and Tourism Management (Distinction)

MPhil Archaeology 

Current research interests

Archaeology of Northern Pakistan, Archaeological Ceramics, GIS in Archaeology Archaeology of Hindu Shahi Dynasty and Muslim Invasion of Subcontinent, Ancient routes around Utra Patha

Past research interests

Sikh Architecture of Hazara, Pakistan, Hindu Temple Architecture of Kashmir

Affiliated research centres

Current project grants

Higher Education Commission of Pakistan and University of Edinburgh PhD Scholarship