Juliet MacArthur

Honorary Fellow


Juliet is Lead Practitioner Research in NHS Lothian and is responsible for the implementation for a Lothian wide Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Professional Research Framework.  This is a partnership between NHS Lothian, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh Napier University and Queen Margaret University. One of the key features of the Framework has been the implementation of a Clinical Academic Research Careers (CARC) Scheme, which includes the School of Nursing and the Critical Care directorate in NHS Lothian.

Having been a graduate (1982-1986) and post graduate (1991-1993) student Juliet has a long association with the School.

Her clinical practice was in general medicine, haematology and general surgery.  Most of her career, however, has been in practice development roles and for the last 10 years research capacity development.  She has a post registration qualification in Critical Care (Glasgow) and a Post Graduate Certificate in Professional Education (Queen Margaret University).

Research summary

Research Interests

Juliet’s first research was related to the care of people with a learning disability in general hospitals and emanated from her work to establish the first learning disability liaison service in the UK in 2000.  This need for this service is now well established and has become widespread throughout the UK.

She has been involved in a range of health services research studies and has a strong interest in developing research capacity and capability in the NHS.  This has been supported through securing some significant grants from the Chief Scientist Office and a consortium of the four Framework partners along with NHS Education for Scotland.

Juliet is currently undertaking a part-time PhD (Edinburgh Napier University) examining the impact of the Leadership in Compassionate Care Programme.  She is due to complete in Spring 2013.

Research activity


J MacArthur, A Peters, J Hanley, C Kennedy, P Smith, F Coutts Lothian Clinical Academic Research Careers (CARC Scheme) £893,233 NHS Lothian, Edinburgh Napier University, University of Edinburgh, Queen Margaret University, NHS Education for Scotland.


H Wilkinson & J MacArthur ‘Research Boot Camp:’ a programme to support research and publication capacity. University of Edinburgh, College of Humanities & Social Science, Knowledge Transfer Grant £4,800

G Hill, J MacArthur, L Peebles, E McCafferty, C Harris, L Johnstone, C Edwards  £30,000 Support grant for ongoing development of the Scottish Research Nurse and Co-ordinators Network. The main aim of this investment is to increase the research capacity and capability of the research nurse group in Scotland


H Wilkinson, J MacArthur, S Mack, M Brown, A McCechnie, J Fletcher Impact of the Learning Disability Liaison Services on health experiences and outcomes of people with learning disabilities attending for general hospital care  £19,982. NHS Lothian Health Services Research Programme (funded by CSO).  Collaborative study involving University of Edinburgh, NHS Lothian, Napier University.

R Hogg, A Jarvis, J MacArthur, C Kennedy, C Wood, B Halliday Perceptions of Risk involved in testing and developing the Community Health Nurse Model in Lothian £18,190.  NHS Lothian Health Services Research Programme (funded by CSO).  Collaborative study involving NHS Lothian and Napier University.

T Karatzias, A Macdonald, Z Chouliara, A Karczewska-Slowikowska, N Frazer, J MacArthur, C Hutchison Psychotherapy Services for Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA) in Lothian: Therapists’ and Service Users’ Perspectives. £19,978 NHS Lothian Health Services Research Programme (funded by CSO).  Collaborative study involving NHS Lothian, Napier University, Queen Margaret University, Scottish Government, Health in Mind.

S Rodgers, J Tocher, M McCreaddie, D Watt, L Dickson, J MacArthur An Exploratory Study of Patients Suffering from Severe and Enduring Pain in Surgical Wards £5,703, University of Edinburgh, Development Trust Research Fund


P Mankad, J Law, J Hanley, J MacArthur NHS Lothian Priorities and Needs Programme: Health Services Research 3 Year Programme funded by CSO £1,058,938


H Wilkinson, J MacArthur, S Taylor, M Brown, S Gibbs, S Mack: Pilot evaluation of the effectiveness of the DisDAT tool in the assessment and management of ‘distress’ in patients with a learning disability receiving general hospital care. Centre for Integrated Healthcare Research  £14,913.  Collaborative study involving NHS Lothian, University of Edinburgh Centre for Research on Families and Relationships, Napier University, Lothian Primary Care

L Kilbride, J Charlton, L Barrow, L MacDonald, S Douglas, J McKnight, J MacArthur, G Hill:  A pilot study in patients with Type 2 diabetes using basal bolus insulin therapy, carbohydrate counting and dose adjustment compared to traditional insulin regimens. Centre for Integrated Healthcare Research  £15,007.  Collaborative Study involving NHS Lothian, Napier University, Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility