Julien Mittre

Thesis title: Gender discourse in Tunisian legislation.


I am in the second year of my PhD in the School of Literatures, Language and Cultures. I have a background in Politics and Philosophy. During my MA in Near and Middle Eastern Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies, I began focusing my research on Tunisia, Algeria and North-African diaspora in France. 

My work therefore focuses on North Africa, with a special interest in gender issues and legal texts. 


BA in Philosophy and Politics from King's College London

MA in Middle Eastern Studies and Arabic from SOAS

Research summary

My PhD explores the evolution of Tunisian legislation in how it talks about gender, women and families. I use Critical Discourse Analysis to see what type of vocabulary is used (or not used) in legislative texts to find how gender issues are considered by Tunisian legislators. 

My work aims at identifying the lack of consideration of state structures in the inequalities faced by women and children in Tunisia.  

Current research interests

Contemporary politics in the Middle East: history of institutions, legislative practice, constitutionalism, activist groups. History and Politics of North Africa: history of Tunisia, politics of Tunisia, north-african diaspora in Europe. Gender politics: gender theory, family law. Discourse Analysis: Critical discourse analysis, French theory, art theory.