Judith Allardyce


Judith Allardyce is a consultant psychiatrist and epidemiologist. Her research aims to develop and apply epidemiology, computational statistics and machine learning approaches in the analysis & integration of multidimensional genomic, environmental & psychopathological (including electronic health records) data, to further our understanding of the component causes and causal pathways of major psychiatric disorders, to develop coherent pathogenic models and improve the validity of diagnostic classification systems.


MBChB, MPH, MSc (genetic epidemiology & bioinformatics) PhD (psychiatric epidemiology)

MRCPsych & MFCI (Member of the Faculty of Clinical Informatics)

Postgraduate teaching

Course Organiser: Introduction to genetic & molecular epidemiology, on the MSc in Epidemiology (distance Learning)

I have developed and delivered a new course for 2022, which provides an overview of the central concepts and topical issues in modern genetic and molecular epidemiology as applied to the investigation of complex diseases.

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