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Name Role Business unit(s)
Katie Urquhart Head of Academic Administration and Student Services
Anastasia Ushakova Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Liya Utyasheva Policy Director - Centre for Pesticide Suicide Prevention
Imelda Uwase
Francesca Vacante
Martina Vajsova Contracts Manager
Maria Val Fernandez Solicitor, Contracts Manager
Evi Valavani PhD Student
Dr Maria Valdes Hernandez Row Fogo Lecturer in Medical Image Analysis
Dr Claire Valentin Honorary Fellow
Dr Catalina Vallejos Chancellor's Fellow
Shannon Vallor Professor
Theresa Valtin Marketing & Communications Manager
Ailsa Vamplew Admissions Operations Manager
Linda Van Bergen Lecturer
Gary Van Breda Analyst Developer
Bram van Bunnik Research Fellow
Elaine van Dalen Teaching Fellow Islamic History
Louie Van De Lagemaat PDRA bioinformatician, Queen Mary University of London, located at University of Edinburgh, Little France campus
Dr Elise van der Heijden Postdoctoral Scientist