Josh Watters (PhD student)

Thesis title: Cosmopolitan capital and global citizenship: British international schooling in post-colonial Southeast Asia


I am completing a part-time PhD alongside working as a Head of Music in a secondary school. I have been teachingĀ in schools, both in the UK and overseas, for 14 years, during which time I have both taught music and worked in senior leadership.

My research looks at British schooling in Southeast Asia (particularly Malaysia and Thailand). I am interested in conceptions of 'international' in schools - particularly the acquisition of cosmopolitan capital and the promotion of global citizenship - and how these phenomena interact in post-colonial spaces.


MA, UCL Institute of Education

PGCE, University of Cambridge

GRNCM, Royal Northern College of MusicĀ 

MusB (Hons), University of Manchester

Responsibilities & affiliations

LSE Southeast Asia ECR Network