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Name Role Business unit(s)
Dr Manos Tsakiris Teaching Fellow in Greek
Thanasis Tsanas Professor of Digital Health and Data Science / Director of Knowledge Exchange and Research Impact
Kevin Tsang Teaching Fellow
Kevin Tsang
Shannon Tseng PhD Philosophy
PhD Candidate Ioannis Angelos Tsigkos
Dr Theodora Tsouloufi Researcher
Haolan Tu
Alana Tubasei Head of Philanthropy, London
Chris Tuck Clinical Research Programme Manager
Sharon Tuck Senior Statistician
Ashley Tuffin
Maarten Tuijtel CryoEM Technologist
Alisdair Tullo Programming and Applications Manager
Hamdullah Tunç
Brian Tuohy Enquiry Management Assistant
Salla Tuomaala
Lauri Tuomisto
Alice Turk Professor
Dr Justyna Aniceta Turkowska Lecturer