Jillian Manner (MPH, AFHEA)

Thesis title: Importance of organisational culture in the implementation and effectiveness of workplace health interventions


Jillian joined the Scottish Collaboration for Public Health Research and Policy (SCPHRP) in 2017 as a Research Assistant (and later Research Fellow). She is currently a third-year PhD student. 

Prior to working at SCPHRP, she worked as an exercise physiologist, personal trainer, and workplace disability case manager. She also worked for NHS Lothian as a Falls Assistant Practitioner, developing an educational intervention to reduce falls in care home residents across Edinburgh.


Master of Public Health, University of Waterloo 

BSc Kinesiology and Health Science, York University 

Responsibilities & affiliations

Member of Board of Directors, Health All Round (http://www.healthallround.org.uk/

Doctoral Fellow, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (https://www.sshrc-crsh.gc.ca/home-accueil-eng.aspx)

Associate Fellow, Higher Education Academy (AFHEA) 

Research summary

I am interested in sedentary behaviour and physical activity, intervention development and workplace health.

Affiliated research centres

Project activity

Current project (PhD Researcher) 

The objective of the PhD is to explore and explain how organisational cultural factors impact on implementation and sustainability of workplace interventions aimed at improving the health of contact centre employees. Contact centres present a complex work and research environment and findings could potentially be applied to other, less complex, office settings. As my main study, I am working with contact centres from two UK-based organisations (healthcare and emergency services sector) to facilitate more effective development (or modification) and implementation of workplace health programmes by including end-users (staff) in identifying and addressing organisational cultural barriers.   

Recent projects (Research Fellow)

I recently worked on a consultancy project for Transport Scotland which looks at how to make zebra crossings more accessible for individuals with disabilities. Prio to that, I worked on an NIHR-funded evaluation of an intervention called Stand Up for Health which aims to reduce sedentary behaviour in contact (call) centres.

I also take part in various other research and teaching activities as a member of the Scottish Collaboration for Public Health Research and Policy (SCPHRP), and the Physical Activity for Health Research Centre (PAHRC). 

Current project grants

Wellcome Trust Translational Grant (2022)

PhD Funding
PhD Studentship, School of Health in Social Science, University of Edinburgh (2019-2023)
Edinburgh Global Research Scholarship, University of Edinburgh (2020-2023)
Doctoral Fellowship, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (https://www.sshrc-crsh.gc.ca/home-accueil-eng.aspx) (2021-2025)

Past project grants

Moray Endowment Fund, School of Health in Social Science (2021)
Research Adaptation Fund, School of Health in Social Science (2021)
Wellcome Trust Translational Grant (2019)