Jill Steel PhD

Thesis title: Children's Reading and Wellbeing: Exploring the influence of Reading to Dogs


In 2023 I was awarded my PhD which I completed at the Moray House School of Education and Sport.  My primary interests are in children and young people's wellbeing  and literacy outcomes, and how Reading to Dogs may support these.

I have created and developed the Reading to Dogs intervention, Paws and Learn™, partly informed by practising teachers.

My career includes experience both as a Primary School Teacher and a College Lecturer in Childhood Practice.  In addition I volunteered for many years with my dogs as a Therapet visitor in conjunction with the Canine Concern Scotland Trust, and conducted research into animal-assisted learning in a P1 classroom during my Masters in Educational Studies  at the University of Glasgow in 2013/14.


Achievements in relation to my studies include:


Awarded Edinburgh Innovations funding to develop Paws and Learn™, March 2023.

Winner of a BERA 22 conference ECR award, September 2022.

Awarding funding from the Children and Young People Hub towards illustrations for Paws and Learn™, July 2022.

Awarded the Diversity award by the International Society for Anthrozoology (ISAZ) during their annual conference, July 2022.

Awarded funding to produce a film about the 'Paws and Learn' study by the Edinburgh Futures Institute, July 2021.

Awarded the University of Edinburgh's Principal's Career Development Scholarship for my PhD study, 2019-2022.

Winner of the University of Glasgow's William Boyd prize for the highest achieving student in the Masters in Education, 2013/14.


Conference details


Interweaving Conference MAY 2022 - Presenter

UKLA Conference Birmingham JULY 2022 - Presenter of two presentations

International Society for Anthrozoology JULY 2022 - Presenter  

British Educational Research Association Liverpool SEPTEMBER 2022 - Presenter of two presentations

Scottish Educational Research Association NOVEMBER 2022 - Presenter (planned)


International Society for Anthrozoology Conference  JUNE 2021 - Presenter

United Kingdom Literacy Association  JULY 2021 - Presenter


International Society for Anthrozoology Conference SEPTEMBER 2020 - Presenter

American Psychological Association AUGUST 2020 - Presenter




- Open from February 2020 - June 2020.

- Seeking views of UK teachers on Reading to Dogs

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Jill Steel

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Jill Steel

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Jill Steel

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Jill Steel

May 13, 2019 in Citizenship, Social and Economics Education 201918:1, 33-43