Jiahong Chen

Thesis title: Data Protection in the Age of Big Data: Legal Challenges and Responses


Jiahong is a PhD candidate at Edinburgh Law School. He obtained his degree of Bachelor in Law in 2012 and Master in Law in 2014, both from China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL). His research interests include information technology law, with particular focus on data protection law. His PhD thesis is intended to address data protection risks arising from the increasingly widespread application of big data, and the legal efforts in response within the EU. He is currently serving as the Editor-in-Chief for SCRIPTed: A Journal of Law, Technology and Society, a peer-reviewed, open-access journal of IP, IT and medical law.



  • Beyond Cookies in the ‘Cookie Law’: Technology Neutrality in the Proposed ePrivacy Regulation and Its Interactions with the GDPR”, invited speaker at Amsterdam Privacy Conference 2018 (7 Oct 2018, Amsterdam).
  • Cat Pictures … and Legal Personhood Please: How Spontaneous Intelligence Can Problematise Differences Between Humans, Artificial Intelligence, Companies and Animals”, invited speaker at Gikii 2018 (14 Sep 2018, Vienna).
  • “Not All Cookies Are Baked Equal: Online Privacy, Technology Neutrality, and the Interactions between the GDPR and the Proposed ePrivacy Regulation”, invited speaker at 2018 BILETA Annual Conference (11 Apr 2018, Aberdeen).
  • “Humans, Consumers, and Citizens: Reimagining Data Subjects in the Age of Big Data”, invited speaker at TILT, University of Tilburg (3 Oct 2017, Tilburg).
  • “Data Protection in the Age of Big Data”, presenter at 2017 Science, Technology and Innovation Studies PhD Day (1 May 2017, Edinburgh).
  • “Still the Best Partners? The Strengthened Regulatory Model of Consent and Necessity in the GDPR and Its Applicability to Online Behavioural Advertising”, invited speaker at 2017 BILETA Annual Conference (20 Apr 2017, Braga).
  • “How the Best Laid Plans Go Awry: The (Unsolved) Issues of Applicable Law in the General Data Protection Regulation”, invited speaker at ILPC Annual Workshop (9 Nov 2016, London).
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  • “Independence v Centralisation: Is a Digital Single Market with Uniform Data Protection Oversight Possible?”, invited speaker at Edinburgh Europa Research Group Seminar (23 March 2016, Edinburgh).


  • Information Technology Law (LLM course, ODL Tutor) - Autum 2018
  • Privacy, Crime and Security (LLM course, Strathclyde, Guest Lecturer) - Spring 2018
  • Information: Control and Power (LLM course, ODL Tutor) - Spring 2017/2018
  • European Data Protection Law (LLM course, ODL Tutor and Marker) - Autumn 2017/2018