Jesús Hernández González (PhD student)

Thesis title: Academic literacies for deeper learning: A longitudinal study of CLIL in Primary Science Classrooms


Jesús Hernández is a PhD student at the University of Edinburgh, with a Master's degree in Bilingual Education and a Bachelor's degree in Primary Education. Previously, he has worked as a MFL teacher in schools in Tenerife. He has been a language advisor in an Inset teacher training centre, coordinator of the CLIL Programme in the Department of Education of the Canary Islands and Education and Language Advisor of the Spanish Embassy Education Office in the United Kingdom. Since 2006 he has been designing MFL curricula for the Canary Islands Department of Education. He has experience in curriculum development and the creation of CLIL learning situations. He has published articles and didactic guides on the teaching of Spanish, especially for primary school teachers. He is currently a teacher trainer of Spanish teachers for children at the Instituto Cervantes in London and an online designer of CLIL courses for the Department of Education of the Canary Islands. He is also a member of the Learning through Languages UK consortium for the promotion of bilingual teaching in the United Kingdom.


2018-2019. University Degree in Primary Education. Camilo José Cela University (Spain)

2015-2016. Master’s Degree in Bilingual Education. International University of La Rioja (UNIR) (Spain)

2015. Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign and Second Language. Isabel I University (Spain)

1995-1998. Bachelor’s Degree in Primary Education: teacher of English. University of La Laguna (Spain)

Responsibilities & affiliations

2017-present. Member of the Advisory panel of Learning through Languages UK

2015-2019. Member of the Global Futures Steering group. Welsh Government

2014-2017. Member of the MFL Expert Subject Advisory Group for Primary. Department for Education (DfE)

Current research interests

–Bilingualism and Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) –Deeper learning in Language Teaching and Learning –Academic literacies in Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) pedagogy –Curriculum development in Language Teaching and Learning

Past research interests

–Active methods in Language Teaching and Learning (Flipped Learning, Design, Creative, critical and Visual thinking) –Affective and Emotional Domains in Language Teaching and Learning

Conference details

Hernández González, J.M., & Julián de Vega, Principles and theoretical foundations of CLIL. La Laguna In-Service Teacher Training Centre, Tenerife 17 February 2020.

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