Jessica Legacy (Wolfson Foundation Postgraduate Scholarship in the Humanities 2013-2016)

Thesis title: The Bodies in the Almanac: Ontological Principles in the Medieval Medical Folded Almanac


Jessica completed her BA at Vancouver Island University where she majored in English and minored in Creative Writing. During her undergraduate degree she began to develop her interest in medieval literature. She wrote a concluding chapter to the Canterbury Tales in iambic pentameter for her final project in medieval studies, which won that year’s departmental essay competition. Continuing with her Master of Arts at the University of Alberta, Jessica focused on the courting language prevalent in medieval hunting and alchemical texts. Her Master’s thesis took the shape of an allegorical novella that narrated the alchemical process through a tale involving traditional medieval hunting practices. Between completing her Masters and beginning her PhD at the University of Edinburgh, Jessica contributed freelance writing to Broadview Press, and dabbled in a nine-to-five. Jessica was the 2014 co-editor of FORUM Postgraduate Journal of Culture & the Arts, 2015 co-ordinator of LLC Blethers: An Evening of Academic Storytelling, and the lead creator of Pilgrim's Prize: The Canterbury Tales Retold.

Undergraduate teaching

English Literature 1: Medieval to Restoration