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Room 4.06, Dugald Stewart Building

3 Charles Street, Edinburgh
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  • My office hour is Thursday 2-3pm, or by email appointment.


Jesper Kallestrup (PhD, St. Andrews) joined the department in September 2005. He is also an Associate Fellow of Arché at the University of St. Andrews and an Affiliated Professor of Philosophy at Copenhagen University. Previous major administrative roles include Head of Department of Philosophy (2011-2013), Postgraduate Director in the School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences (2014), and Head of School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences (2015).



  • In Progress: Epistemic Anti-Individualism.
  • Methods and Skills for Philosophy, under contract with Routledge.
  • Extended Epistemology, (edited with A. Carter, A. Clark, O. Palermos and D. Pritchard), Oxford University Press (2018).
  • Socially Extended Epistemology, (edited with A. Carter, A. Clark, O. Palermos and D. Pritchard), Oxford University Press (2018).

  • New Waves in Philosophy of Mind, (edited with M. Sprevak). London and New York: Palgrave Macmillan (2014).
  • Semantic Externalism, London: Routledge (2011).
  • Being Reduced: New Essays on Reduction and Explanation, (edited with J. Hohwy), Oxford: Oxford University Press (2008).


Representative articles

  • 'Groups, Trust and Testimony', forthcoming in Epistemic Trust (ed. K. Dormandy), Routledge.
  • 'Epistemic Supervenience, Anti-Individualism and Knowledge-First Epistemology', (with D. Pritchard), in Knowledge First, (eds. Edited by a. Carter, E. Gordon, and B. Jarvis), Oxford: Oxford University Press, (2017).
  • 'Group Virtue Epistemology', Synthese (2016), 1-9.
  • 'Counteractuals, Counterfactuals and Semantic Intuitions', The Review of Philosophy and Psychology 7 (2016), 35–54.
  • 'Extended Cognition and Propositional Memory', (with A. Carter), Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 92 (2016), 691-714.
  • 'Brains in Vats, Causal Constraints on Reference and Semantic Externalism', in Putnam's Reflections on Brains-in-Vats, (ed. S. Goldberg), Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (2016), 37-53.
  • 'Two Notions of Circularity', Inquiry 58 (2015), 486-512.
  • 'Virtue Epistemology and Epistemic Twin Earth' (with D. Pritchard), European Journal of Philosophy 22 (2014), 335-357.
  • 'Entangling Externalisms' (with M. Sprevak), in New Waves in Philosophy of Mind, London and New York: Palgrave (2014), 77-97.
  • 'The Epistemology of Absence-Based Inference' (with N. J. Pedersen), Synthese 190 (2013), 2573-2593.
  • 'Robust Virtue Epistemology and Epistemic Anti-Individualism' (with D. Pritchard), Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 93 (2012), 84-103.
  • 'Bootstrap and Rollback: Generalizing Epistemic Circularity', Synthese 189 (2012), 395-413.
  • 'Counterfactuals and downward causation: a reply to Zhong' (with J. Christensen), Analysis 72 (2012), 513-517.
  • 'Actually-Rigidified Descriptivism Revisited', dialectica 66 (2012), 5-21.
  • 'Conceivability, Rigidity and Counterpossibles', Synthese 171 (2009), 377-386.
  • 'Knowledge-Wh and the Problem of Convergent Knowledge', Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 78, (2009), 468-476.
  • ‘Three Strands in Kripke’s Argument against the Identity Theory’, Philosophy Compass 3/6 (2008), 1255-1280.
  • 'If Omniscient Beings are Dialetheists, then so are Anti-Realists', Analysis, 67.3, (2007), 252-54.
  • 'The Causal Exclusion Argument', Philosophical Studies 131, (2006), 459-485.
  • ‘Physicalism, Conceivability and Strong Necessities’, Synthese 151, (2006), 273-295.
  • 'Epistemological Physicalism and the Knowledge Argument', American Philosophical Quarterly 43, (2006), 1-23.
  • 'Paradoxes about Belief', Australasian Journal of Philosophy 81, (2003), 107-117.

Articles, Reviews and Special Issues

Undergraduate teaching

I normally teach undergraduate courses in the areas of philosophy of language, philosophy of mind and epistemology. I also supervise undergraduate dissertations in those areas.

In the second semester of 2017/18 I teach a second year undergraduate course Knowledge and Reality (PHIL08017), as well as a number of tutorials for that course.

Office hours

Thursday 2.00pm - 3.00pm, or by email appointment.


Postgraduate teaching

I normally teach postgraduate courses in the areas of philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, epistemology and philosophical methodology. I also supervise taught postgraduate dissertations in those areas.

In the first semester of 2017/18 I teach a combined online/on-campus MSc courses Methods I (PHIL11008/PHIL11132), and in the second semester I teach a combined online/on-campus MSc course Methods II (PHIL11009/PHIL11137).

Open to PhD supervision enquiries?


Areas of interest for supervision

My current research interests are primarily in the areas of internalism/externalism in philosophy of mind and epistemology, extended knowledge, metaphysics of mind and knowledge, e.g. conceivability arguments and mental causation, and theories of reference and content in philosophy of language. I would be particularly delighted to supervise research students who want to work in these specific areas. More broadly, I would be interested in supervising projects in related areas of epistemology, philosophy of mind and philosophy of language.

Current PhD students supervised

Research summary

Epistemology and Philosophy of Mind.