Dr Jeremy Knox

Co-Programme Director: Digital Education / Senior Lecturer in Digital Education


I am co-director of the Centre for Research in Digital Education (Data Society) and a Lecturer in Digital Education at the University of Edinburgh. My research interests include critical posthumanism and new materialism, and the implications of such thinking for education and educational research, with a specific focus on the digital.  My published work includes critical perspectives on Open Educational Resources (OER) and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).

Posthumanism and the Massive Open Online Course: Contaminating the Subject of Global Education https://www.routledge.com/products/9781138940826



PhD in Education, University of Edinburgh. ESRC fully-funded studentship

Critical posthuman and new materialist perspectives on the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC).


MSc in E-Learning with distinction, University of Edinburgh

Dissertation: ‘Reviewing the Posthuman in Education’.  Individual Courses:


PGCE in Further Education, University of Reading

Full time teacher training and professional placement.

Responsibilities & affiliations

Co-convener of the Society for Research in Higher Education (SRHE) Digital University network

Postgraduate teaching

MSc in Digital Education

Introduction to Social Research Methods (SOCRMx) on edX

E-learning and Digital Cultures MOOC on Coursera

Open to PhD supervision enquiries?


Areas of interest for supervision

Areas of potential PhD supervision include:

Digital (Higher) Education; MOOCs; Open Educational Resources (OERs); social media; continental philosophy; posthumanism; new materialism; science and technology studies/Actor-Network Theory/sociomaterial theory

Current PhD students supervised

  • Nada Alsayegh - The Cultural Implications of Arabic Massive Open Online Courses in the Middle East
  • Eder Paula - Educational Robotics approaches developed in formal and informal educational settings and the influence in young learners’ career interest in STEM

Research summary

  • Digital (Higher) Education
  • Critical data studies/algorithm atudies
  • Critical posthumansim, new materialism, spatial and mobilities theory
  • Open Educational Resources (OERs) and Massive open Online Courses (MOOCs)

Affiliated research centres

Project activity

Principal investigator

Lecture Recording for Inclusive Education

Edinburgh Pulse - Internet of Things technology for the 'smart' campus



Current project grants

Principal investigator
Lecture Recording for Inclusive Education (PTAS)

Past project grants

Principal investigator
The Learning Analytics Report Card (LARC)
Edinburgh Pulse - Challenge Investment Fund

Supporting Higher Education to Integrate Learning Analytics (SHEILA).
Artcasting and ARTIST ROOMS on Tour - AHRC
Teacher Bot - Challenge Investment Fund
Digital/Nature: MineCraft in Schools - Stramash College Fund
E-Light: Edinburgh, energy and education exchange - PTAS

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Invited speaker

April 2018

Teaching in the Open: developing a critical higher education practice

Invited talk at SSESW seminar: Advances/Development in Higher Education Teaching, Queens University Belfast

April 2018

Teaching at Scale: Connecting accredited University provision and open MOOC learning

Invited talk at the Advanced Innovation Centre for Future Education, Beijing Normal University

November 2017

Developing Critical Awareness with the Learning Analytics Report Card (LARC)

Invited talk at the iSchool, University of Sheffield

October 2017

From prediction to participation: a vision of critical awareness with the Learning Analytics Report Card (LARC)

SRHE Digital University network event: Critical Learning Analytics, London. https://www.srhe.ac.uk/events/details.asp?EID=322

March 2017

Teaching in the open: developing a critical practice.

Keynote: DARIAH Conference on Open Resources. Lausanne, Switzerland. http://dariah.eu/teach/index.php/events/

January 2017

Digital Heroics for Openness, Automation, and Cultural Value

Keynote: Cambridge Libraries conference, University of Cambridge. http://www.lib.cam.ac.uk/conference2017/programme.html

September 2016

Beyond the ‘c-’ and the ‘x-’: new paradigms for MOOC learning

Keynote: International Conference MOOCs, Informal Language Learning, and Mobility, The Open University http://www.open.ac.uk/creet/main/events/international-conference-moocs-informal-language-learning-and-mobility

September 2016

Posthumanism, digital education, and the MOOC

Invited talk: Department of Educational Research Seminar, Lancaster University.

December 2015

Massiveness, Scale, and Automation: perspectives on the more-than-human of the MOOC

Invited talk: The OxCrowd Network, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford


November 2015

Digital Cultures and Lifelong Learning

Keynote: ‘Self-learning in a Digital Era’, ASEM LLL Hub, Delhi

June 2015

E-learning and Digital Cultures MOOC

Invited talk: IACMWMDMPM conference, Southwest University for Nationalities, Chengdu

January 2015

More-than-human analytics

Invited talk for the FutureLearn Academic Network http://www.flnetwork.org/, University of Edinburgh

September 2014

E-learning and Digital Cultures

Invited talk at the ‘E-skills for New Jobs: Accelerating Europe’s Competitiveness and Inclusive Growth’ Conference, Public Policy Exchange, Brussels.

May 2014

Multimodal Profusion in the literacies of the MOOC

Invited talk: Code Acts in Education seminar, University of Edinburgh. https://codeactsineducation.wordpress.com/

February 2014

Introducing the Massive Open Online Course: Movements, Developments and Futures.

Invited talk to faculty on the design, pedagogy and institutional implications of the MOOC, University of Stavanger

December 2013

How Open are MOOCs? The video lecture, MOOC technology and the complex practices of open education.

Invited talk, Academic development seminar, University of Glasgow.

November 2013

Multimodal Profusion in the Literacies of the Massive Open Online Course.

Invited public webinar for the Association of Learning Technology (ALT).

June 2013

Developing and teaching ‘E-learning and Digital Cultures’

Invited public webinar for the Higher Education Academy: Changing the Learning Landscape– an insight into developing and teaching on a MOOC

April 2013

Platform Games: Playing with the boundaries of data collection in the MOOC

Invited talk and panel member at British and Irish Law Education and Technology Association (BILETA) conference, University of Liverpool

March 2013

Running ‘aMOOC’?  Developing and teaching ‘E-learning and Digital Cultures’

Invited talk to staff at Nottingham Trent University

January 2013

MOOC Pedagogy: the challenges of developing for Coursera

Keynote presentation at the 13th Blackboard Users Conference, Durham University

November 2012 

Open Educational Resources: salvation or subjectification?

Invited talk, SRHE ‘The Digital University’ event, University of Edinburgh.

April 2012

Motivated, Omnipotent, Obligated, and Cheap: Participating in a MOOC.

Invited talk, Elearning@Ed conference, University of Edinburgh.

Papers delivered

April 2018

Learnification 2.0: from student- to machine-centred higher education

Analytics: The Datafication of Higher Education and Work, Data Citizenship seminar series, The University of Edinburgh

May 2017

MOOCs and making knowledge mobile: E-learning and Digital Cultures on Coursera and Wolearn

6th BNU / UCL IOE International Conference in Education: Education and Mobilities: Ideas, People and Technologies, Beijing Normal University

March 2017

Playing with educational data: The Learning Analytics Report Card (LARC)

Learning Analytics and Knowledge (LAK17), Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada.

September 2016

New materialism and social justice: a space for productive entanglement, or a political cul-de-sac?

New Materialism Conference 2016, Warsaw, Poland

August 2016

Playing with educational data: the Learning Analytics Report Card (LARC)

Critical data studies track at the 2016 4S/EASST Annual Conference, Barcelona, Spain

April 2016

Open education: developing a critical approach

OER16: Open Culture, University of Edinburgh, UK

April 2016

“Where does this work belong?” New Digital Approaches to Evaluating Engagement with Art

Museums and the Web 2016, Los Angeles, USA

February 2015

Posthumanism and the global education of the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

Thinking Through Deleuze: Nomadic Subjects, Global Citizenship and Posthumanism, Brock University, Ontario

April 2014

The Global Institution, the Homely, and the Overwhelming: (per)forming three MOOC spaces

Ninth International Conference on Networked Learning 2014

October 2013

The Forum, The Sardine Can and the Fake: contesting, adapting and practicing the Massive Open Online Course

Association of Internet Research (AoIR) 14.0 conference, Denver USA

June 2013

Theorising Open Technologies: concealments and exposures

Research, Work and Learning, 8th International Conference, University of Stirling

May 2013

Platform Games: Playing with the boundaries of data collection in the MOOC

Day of Ideas, Digital HSS, University of Edinburgh

April 2013

Activism and the academy: assembling knowledge for social justice

SRHE and HERG event: Higher Education as if the World Mattered, University of Edinburgh

April 2013

Building communities in a MOOC

Panel member at Coursera Partners Conference, University of Pennsylvania

December 2012

MOOCing around with learning spaces

Ignite talk at Digital Methods as Mainstream Methodology, NCRM, British Library, London

October 2012

MOOCing around with learning spaces

Ignite talk at the Association of Internet Research (AoIR) 13.0 conference, University of Salford

June 2012

Three critiques of the Open Educational Resources movement

Losing Momentum? Current challenges in learning and technology conference, University of Oxford.

June 2011

Deferral and Difference in a Posthuman Pedagogy

4th International Deleuze Studies Conference

Copenhagen Business School