Jan McIntyre (Masters in Teaching 2016)

Teaching Fellow and Associate Tutor in Physical Education


Jan is a member of the Developmental Physical Education Group at the University with her main area of professional development and teaching in 3-14 Physical Education. Her main interest of research is in Early Years Physical Education (Pre-school and Early Primary)

Research summary

Physical Education in Pre-School and Primary Physical Education

  • Core learning in Early Years Physical Education (3-8 years)
  • Developing curriculum and pedagogy in Pre School Physical Education
  • Professional Learning in the Pre- School and Early primary Years

Current research interests

In March 2012 through a partnership with City of Edinburgh and the University of Edinburgh a new physical education resource for Pre-school children has been led, developed and launched in Edinburgh.Tracking the impact of this resource on adults, Pre-schools and the children will begin in August 2012.