Ilya M. Flyamer


Ilya is a PhD student at Wendy Bickmore's lab at MRC HGU working on the spatial organisation of the genome. He completed undergraduate studies at Moscow State University, Faculty of Biology (2010-2015). He specialized in Molecular Biology and did his 4th year project in Prof. Razin's lab looking at chromatin organisation in Drosophila cells. For the final Diploma (~MSc) project Ilya went to Vienna Biocenter and joined the group of Kikue Tachibana-Konwalski (where he was on a summer school previously that year) to develop a new genome-wide single-cell approach to study chromatin organisation, especially well suited for oocytes and zygotes. During the time in Vienna Ilya met his current superisor, Prof. Wendy Bickmore, whose lab in Edinburgh he joined in 2015.

Research summary

I'm interested in the spatial organisation of the genome and how it is linked with other processes going on in the nucleus.

List of publications:

Current research interests

Currently I am studying the role of cohesin/CTCF and polycomb proteins in organising nuclear architecture in mouse ES cells. I use both Hi-C and FISH to answer these questions.

Past research interests

Previously I worked on organisation of chromatin in Drosophila cells (Prof. Razin's lab in Moscow). After that I developed a single-cell genome-wide method for studying spatial organisation of the genome, particularly well-suited for oocytes or early embryos (Dr. Tachibana-Konwalski's lab in Vienna).

Invited speaker

High-Throughput Sequencing in Genomics (Novosibirsk, 2017)


GRC Chromatin Structure & Function (Les Diablerets, 2016)

CSHL Nuclear Organization & Function (Cold Spring Harbor, 2018)