Hyun Bo Sim


Hyun Bo Sim is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the New College, University of Edinburgh. His research interests include the parting of ways between Judaism and Christianity, the Gospel of Matthew, social identity, and the New Testament in general. The main theme of his research is to describe the way the new testament texts describe and navigate various identities in past and present.


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B.A. in English from California State University, Fullerton

M.Div at Moody Theological Seminary a

Th.M at Talbot School of Theology.

Responsibilities & affiliations

The Society of Biblical Literature

the Evangelical Theological Society

The Institute for Biblical Research

Undergraduate teaching

Part-time faculty, Bethesda University, Anaheim, CA (2019- current)

  • Church Growth (CG 462)
  • Introduction to Christianity (TH 101)
  • Introduction to the Bible (BS 200)
  • Christian Ethics (GH 250)
  • New Testament Exegesis (BS 350)

Part-time faculty, Presbyterian Theological Seminary in America, Anaheim, CA (Spring 2019-Spring 2020)

  • General Epistles (NT116)
  • Biblical Interpretation (B.Th 302)

Teaching Staff, Cru Institute of Biblical Studies (2019-current)

  • Bible Study Methods
  • Biblical Communication
  • Biblical Interpertation 

Research summary

My current research interest focuses both on the parting of the ways between Judaism and Christianity and on the Jewish-Gentile relationships described in the NT. I wish to approach these issues by examining how the NT constructs the concept of “us” in comparison to “others.” In tracing the process of identity formation in the NT, I aim to locate the specific place that Jewish ethnic identity occupies and clarify how the writers of the NT envision relationships between the various ethnicities within the emerging Jesus movement. I am particularly interested in how the NT writers employ Jewish narratives to demarcate the group boundaries of the Jesus movement.

Current research interests

Discipleship and formation of group identity in Matthew.

Past research interests

Th.M. Thesis Title: The Formation of God’s people: The Application of Social Identity Theory to the Gospel of Matthew Supervised by Dr. Michael Wilkins and Dr. Joseph Hellerman (received The Zondervan Outstanding Master’s Thesis Award)

Papers delivered

“Rewriting the Jewish Origin Story in John.” SBL, 2021 Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX.

“Matthew 15:21-28: A story of Exclusion? A case study of Exorcism and the Gentile Mission in the Gospel of Matthew.” Evangelical Theological Society, 2019 Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA.