Hoda Mobasseri (PhD student)

Thesis title: How do adult learning classes promote women's citizenship and empowerment?



Since 2003 to 2007 I have been working on MA thesis “A Typology of Women's Sexual Politics having heterosexual intimate relationships (a sample in Tehran, Iran)” (Focusing on attitudes to intimate and sexual relationships). A sample of 20 women living in Tehran was interviewed in order to explore narrative stories, This work was done by using the grounded theory and qualitative analysis. After studying Community Education in University of Edinburgh (2009-10) and working in Shakti Women’s Aid different aspects of Muslim women’s potentials and limitations became highlighted for me. My MSc. Thesis was on “Politics of Hijab in Iran and UK”, Literature review besides a sample of a qualitative study of Muslim women, narratives and autobiographical stories of 4 interviewees about Hijab. This path led to learning about Muslim Feminist contributions. Conducting a research run by Musawah organisation, for equality in the Muslim family assisted me in reformulating power within the Islamic tradition. Now adult learning and Muslim feminist scholarship are tools for me to explore the dynamics of inequality within the context of Iran.

Professional/teaching experience

Work Experiences

1.   Researcher  (Apr. 2012- present; part time)

  • Knowledge building initiative on the Quranic concepts of Qiwamah and Wilayah, which are commonly understood as sanctioning men’s authority over women
  • Narrating life stories of women, with specific focus on Qiwamah and Wilayah

2. Head of the Research department (Volunteer), Association for Protection of Child Laborers (APCL Tehran, Iran) (Dec. 2010- Dec. 2011; Part time)

  • Writing a proposal regarding child laborer’s development in a residential area of Tehran, considering international researches and documents

3. Manager/Director, ABC’s of Illuminating Relationships; Adult Education center for women and families, Tehran, Iran (Jul. 2008 –2012, part time)

  • Preparing educational packages for women, considering problem solving in the family and negotiation with others
  • Applying emotional literacy training content and community education strategies to facilitate adult education projects for nurseries and parents (Having the guidance of Claude Steiner, writer of Emotional Literacy Training, as a mentor since 2007)

Research summary

  • Muslim feminism
  • women's adult learning in Iran
  • Community based education for women

Honors and awards

  • British Council Full Chevening Scholarship award for studying a one-year M.Sc. in community education (UK)

Project title: How do adult learning classes promote women's citizenship and empowerment?

Supervisor: Dr Rowena Arshad, Dr Akwugo Emejulu

  • Mobasseri, H. (May, 2011). Stereotyping femininity through the black and white thinking lens, Kaleidoscope; new perspectives on the humanities, Millburn house, University of Warwick, UK
  • Mobasseri, H. (Jun. 2012) An introduction on Muslim Feminists, Mehrnameh no.22; Tehran, Iran
  • Mobasseri, H. (2011) English to Persian Translation of “Emotional Literacy Training, Intelligence with a Heart” by Claude Steiner (2009)