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Name Role Business unit(s)
Kirsty Tragis Student Adviser
Giovanni Tramonti Research Fellow in Cancer Informatics
Paul Travers Reader in Clinical Sciences
Nick Treanor Reader
Violeta Trejo-Reveles Research Fellow
Sarah Treloar (PhD student) Research Student
Dr Simon Trépanier Senior Lecturer; Classics
Francesco Trevisan Fourth year PhD student
Prof Arthur Trew Deputy Head of College/Assistant Principal
Sarah Tribout-Joseph Head of French and Francophone Studies
Serena Tricarico HDR UK Scotland Manager
Suzanne Trill Head of English and Scottish Literature
Dr Swagata Tripathy
Anja Tröger Teaching Fellow in Norwegian
Christine Tromans Receptionist/Clerical Assistant
Mrs Karen Troup Research Assistant
Graeme Trousdale Professor
Simon Trub Post-1945 Epic Poetry
Monica Truelove-Hill Lecturer
David Truschel