Hannah-Rose Murray

Early Career Leverhulme Research Fellow


Dr. Hannah-Rose Murray received a PhD in American Studies from the University of Nottingham in 2018. Her research focuses on recovering and amplifying formerly enslaved African American testimony (including forgotten slave narratives, oratory and visual performance), specifically focusing on their transatlantic journeys to Britain between the 1830s and the 1890s. She has created a website (www.frederickdouglassinbritain.com) dedicated to their experiences and has mapped their speaking locations across Britain, showing how Black women and men travelled far and wide, from large towns to small fishing villages, to raise awareness of American slavery. She has organized numerous community events including talks, performances, podcasts, plays, walking tours and exhibitions on both sides of the Atlantic. Her first book, Advocates of Freedom: African American Transatlantic Abolitionism in the British Isles, will be published by Cambridge University Press in Autumn 2020.


PhD in American Studies from the University of Nottingham (2018)

MA in Public History from Royal Holloway University (2012)

BA in History from UCL (2011)

Responsibilities & affiliations

Early Career Leverhulme Fellow

Co-Director of Survivor Alliance UK, a not-for-profit organisation founded by Minh Dang in 2018.

Project activity

African American Mapping Digital Humanities Project

I have created the only publicly available website dedicated to Frederick Douglass in Britain (www.frederickdouglassinbritain.com) It includes an overview of his journey, together with the main controversies he caused, as well as digital maps highlighting his speaking locations. Another three maps show Josiah Henson, Ida B. Wells and Moses Roper’s speaking locations, and a fifth map shows the locations of black abolitionist visits to the British Isles as a whole. Images of the maps have been used in museums, talks and university courses in both Britain and America, and has been included on the bibliographies of projects such as Frederick Douglass in Ireland.

Black Abolitionist Walking Tours of London

Every 2 months, I conduct an African American Abolitionist Walking Tour of London, celebrating six sites rich in the history of activism against slavery, white supremacy and lynching. I cover the histories of Frederick Douglass, Martin Delany, William and Ellen Craft, Josiah Henson, Henry Highland Garnet, John Sella Martin, William Wells Brown, and Ida B. Wells.

Heritage Plaques

In collaboration with Jak Beula from Nubian Jak Heritage Plaques, I have organised two heritage plaques to Frederick Douglass (in London in 2013) and Ida B. Wells (in Birmingham in 2019). I am currently in discussion with English Heritage to erect a heritage plaque to William and Ellen Craft in London.

Talks and Seminars

As part of my Leverhulme Fellowship, I am designing a series of seminars and talks about Black abolitionists across Scotland.

Current project grants

Early Career Leverhulme Fellowship