Hanna E. Schumacher

Early Career Teaching and Research Fellow in German Studies

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Hanna did her undergrad in Germany, at the University of Trier. She studied German Studies, Cultural Anthropology and Hispanic Studies, finishing with a Magistra Artium degree in 2012. Shortly afterwards, she joined the University of Warwick for her PhD project, entitled: "Zur Verhandlung der Conditio Posthumana in der zeitgenössischen deutschsprachigen Gegenwartsliteratur - Gesellschaftskonstitution, Subjektivitätsentwicklung und Kunst". She was awarded the doctorate in early 2019, and subsquently decided to become a Teaching Fellow after having enjoyed teaching for the universities of Warwick and Aston between 2018 and 2019. In 2022, she gained the position as Early Career Teaching and Research Fellow in German Studies with the German Studies Department at the University of Edinburgh.



Magistra Artium 2012, University of Trier

PhD in German Studies 2019, University of Warwick

Undergraduate teaching

Hanna is teaching language classes catering to all years, concentrating on German 1B and oral classes for all years.

She is also offering cultural studies teaching, especially for first year students, but also on the DELC common courses Crime and Detection and Theories and Methods of Literary Studies.

She is also teaching literature 2nd year option Reading Antisemitism as well as Literature and Testimony.

In Language Paper 2, she teaches academic writing in German for final years.


Open to PhD supervision enquiries?


Areas of interest for supervision

She is also offering Bachelor thesis supervision in her research areas, but is welcoming all proposals on contemporary German literature, literary theory, as well as sociolinguistics.

Research summary

She is particularly interested in Critical Theory in the tradition of the Frankfurt School, the emergence of a Critical Posthumanism in the German context and the overlaps between these two theoretical concepts and how they relate to narratives of the future and of futurity in contemporary German fiction. 

She has published on her research, but also co-edited and co-written edited volumes and articles:

2022: Co-Editor with Dr Jenny Watson and Dr Michel Mallet of Edinburgh German Studies Yearbook Nr. 15, forthcoming: Tracing German Visions of Eastern Europe in the 20th Century.

2022:  Coming to Terms with the Present: Critical Theory and Critical Posthumanism in Contemporary German Science Fiction. In: New Perspectives on Contemporary German Science Fiction, edited by Lars Schmeink and Ingo Cornils. Global Science Fiction Studies Series. Palgrave Macmillan: London, pp. 171-186.

2020: “Es war etwas Neues, und gleich waren’s drei davon”. Building Communities and Subjectivities after the Human in Contemporary German Science Fiction. In: Oxford German Studies Special Issue: Rethinking Community and Subjectivity in Contemporary German Culture and Thought (eds. Maria Roca Lizarazu and Joseph Twist), Nr. 2/49, 2020, p. 191 – 208.

2013: Review of Tamar Lewinsky: "Unterbrochenes Gedicht. Jiddische Literatur in Deutschland 1944-1950. München 2011." In: Jiddistik-Mitteilungen Nr. 49, p. 23-28.

Current research interests

Authors Hanna is specifically looking at include Dietmar Dath, Reinhard Jirgl, Juli Zeh, Leif Randt, but generally contemporary German fiction. Currently, she is working on the publication of her first monograph, which she is adapting from her PhD thesis, "Zur Verhandlung der Conditio Posthumana in der zeitgenössischen deutschsprachigen Gegenwartsliteratur : Gesellschaftskonstitution, Subjektivitätsentwicklung und Kunst".

Past research interests

Further interests include: 1. Literary Antisemitism (1900s till present), modern German-Jewish writing, Yiddish language, culture and literature 2. Feminist theory, queer theory in the German context 3. Ecocriticism, Science and Speculative Fiction 4. Literatures of migration, , subversive and pop literature 5. Medieval and early modern German literature 6. Genre fiction (Crime, Science Fiction especially)