Giulia Sagliardi

  • School of History, Classics and Archaeology

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2015 - PhD in Classics, University of Edinburgh

2010 - 2013 MA in Philology, Literature & Classical Tradition, University of Bologna, Italy

2007 - 2010 BA in Classics, University of Bologna, Italy

Research summary

The aim of my research is to write a literary & historical commentary on the poem Bellum Geticum, composed by the Latin poet Claudian to celebrate Stilicho’s defeat of Alaric’s Gothic army at Pollentia in 402 AD. Bellum Geticum belongs to a group of compositions by Claudian, called carmina maiora, which similarly blend different literary genres, making use of the epic metre, language & imagery, but with the eulogistic content peculiar to laudatory literature. In modern scholarship they are often described as ‘epic panegyrics’. My research interests include the literature & history of the Late Roman Empire & the Latin epic & panegyric tradition.