Giovanna Weykopf

Thesis title: Prioritization and Functional Analysis of Covid-19 Host Genetic Risk Variants

MRC HGU PhD Programme

Year of study: 3

  • MRC Human Genetics Unit
  • The Institute of Genetics and Cancer
  • College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine

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MRC Human Genetics Unit,
Institute of Genetics and Cancer
at the University of Edinburgh
Western General Hospital

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BSc Biological Sciences (Molecular Genetics), The University of Edinburgh

Undergraduate teaching

Demonstrator for the School of Biological Sciences across 1st-3rd year courses

Research summary

My interest is in understanding how human genetic variation in the non-coding genome can contribute to disease outcome. In particular, I am interested in genetic variants which impact regulatory elements and thereby modulate expression of their target gene. My PhD focuses on functional follow-up of host genetic associations with severe COVID-19. To this end, I am taking a a two-fold approach:

1) I employ STARR-sequencing, a type of massively parallel reporter assay, to prioritise risk variants for further study in a relevant cell type context. 

2)  I investigates underlying mechanisms at a single locus using targeted approaches such as CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing.

I am jointly supervised by Dr Simon Biddie, Prof Wendy Bickmore and Prof Kenneth Baillie and based at the MRC Human Genetics Unit and the Institute of Genetics and Cancer.