Dr Gary Fraser

Co-Programme Director: BA Community Education/MA Learning in Communities / Teaching Fellow


Before my current role as Teaching Fellow I have worked in the field of Community Education/Community Learning and Development (CE/CLD) for the best part of two decades. I have substantial experience of working in CE/CLD areas such as youth work, adult education and community development. I am currently the chair of the Community Education online journal Concept.


PhD in Education

Masters in Social Policy and Criminology

BA Degree (Honours) Community Education



Undergraduate teaching

I am the Course Organiser for the following courses:

Managing Professional Life

Professional Practice in Community Education

Community Education Methods and Approaches

I have also taught on the following courses:

Working with Individuals and Groups

Introduction to Community Education

Introduction to Research in Community Settings

Community Work

Concepts and Controversies in Community Education

Postgraduate teaching

Activist Social Research

Community Engagement - Co-constructing Knowledge with Communities

Theories and Politics of Social Justice

Community Action and Social Justice

Education Policy and the Politics of Education

Research summary

Community Education and Community Development

Adult Education and Employability


Current research interests

Community Education and Local Government Reform Community Education and Professionalisation; New Managerialism Qualitative Research; Ethnography

Past research interests

My PhD was based on a case study of Community Education practitioners working in the context of local government and was entitled 'Neoliberalism, New Managerialism and the New Professionalism in Community Development'

Conference details

Conference Presentations:

Fraser, G, (2018), 'New Digital Technologies and ‘Datafication’ in Community Education: Implications for Professionalism, Politics and Practice', Presentation at the Centre for Research in Digital Education Seminar Series', May, 2018

Fraser, G, (2016), 'Producing a Neoliberal Subject in the Public Sector? A Foucauldian Analysis of Technologies of Performance Management in the field of Community Education', Presentation at the 'Foucault at 90 Conference', University of the West of Scotland, June, 2016

Fraser, G, (2016), 'Community Education and the New Managerialism', Presentation at the Conference - 'Revisiting Adult Education: the Challenge of Change 40 Years On', University of Edinburgh, February, 2016.

Fraser, G, (2015), ''Community Education in Scotland Today: the Rise of New Public Managerialism and Implications for Professional Identity'?, Presentation at the 'Community Development Journal 50th Anniversary Conference', University of Edinburgh, July 2015

Fraser, G, (2015), 'Community Education in Scotland Today: the Rise of New Public Managerialism and Implications for Professional Identity'? Presentation at Youth and Community Education Conference, Glasgow, University of Strathclyde, June 2015


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