Dr Frankie Greenwood (PhD Health in Social Science, BSc (Hons) Psychology First Class,)

Deputy Director and Research Fellow ECRED (Edinburgh Centre for Research on the Experience of Dementia), Project Facilitator, bold (Bringing out Leaders in Dementia)

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School of Health in Social Science
Wilkie Building
The University of Edinburgh
Medical School

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I am a social science researcher specialising in the lived experience of dementia. I am Deputy Director of the Edinburgh Centre for the Research on the Experience of Dementia (ECRED), as well as a Research Fellow in the Centre. My primary role is to lead on developing research to sustain the Centre's research portfolio with a specific focus and interest in co-production with people with the lived experience of dementia, and exploring ways to amplify the voices of people with a more advanced dementia who may no longer communicate using words within research.

I am a member of the ECREDibles, a group of people living with dementia who are interested in research. I work closely with people with lived experience within this group, supporting the group to develop academic research projects, training in academic research skills, and supporting the group to write funding applications.

I am also a Project Facilitator on the bold (Bringing out Leaders in Dementia) project, https://bold-scotland.org/ an innovative and creative Social Leadership programme for those who wish to make a difference in the dementia world. I have worked for the bold project since 2019, and was part of the team that developed the online programme through the COVID-19 pandemic. I was then part of the online delivery team, and developed the evaluation framework before moving into my current role which is to explore funding opportunities to sustain and further the work and impact of the programme.

I have worked with people living with dementia in community and care home settings since 2008, and continue to do so, through music workshops and hosting a dementia inclusive drop in cafe. 



PhD, University of Edinburgh, Health in Social Science

BSc (Hons), First, Open University, Psychology

Responsibilities & affiliations

ECRED (Edinburgh Centre of Research on the Experience of Dementia)


Research summary

My research interests lie in working alongside people with the lived experience of dementia and finding creative ways to amplify the under-represented voices in dementia research. Through my work with people living with dementia since 2008, I became increasingly aware of the stigma that surrounded dementia, and the way in which people with a more advanced dementia were sometimes dehumanized and thought of as no longer a person. This caused a tension between my own experience of working alongside people with advanced dementia and the profound, meaningful encounters that we shared. This tension led me into my research career in 2015 when I started my PhD "I See You" that explored the stories of people without dementia who made meaningful connections with people with advanced dementia. Working within a research capacity has allowed me to develop my research interests in creative methodologies to undertake co-research and ways in which people living with dementia can lead the way in making positive change within communities, and within policy and practice.

Current research interests

Working alongside people with dementia as co-researchers, and finding ways to include people with a more advanced dementia as co-researchers. Supporting people living with dementia to lead on research projects. Spirituality and dementia. Inter and intracultural experiences of living with dementia.

Current project grants

Royal Society Edinburgh Research Workshop
Project Title: INCLUDED: Exploring Ways to Include People with Advanced Dementia as Co-Researchers Through the Arts

Invited speaker

  • Scottish Care National Care Home Conference 2018 - A Caring Place insight Session Speaker - “Caring Researchers for a Caring Place”


  • ECRED (Edinburgh Centre for Research on the Experience of Dementia) 2019 – Forging New Frontiers in Dementia Research. Member of organising committee

Papers delivered

  • HammondCare International Dementia Conference 2022 – Brave New World – Concurrent Speaker - bold (Bringing out leaders in Dementia) 
  • Alzheimer’s Society Presentation 2021 – Presenter - bold (Bringing out leaders in Dementia)
  • Creative Bridges Conference 2021– Presenter - bold (Bringing out leaders in Dementia)
  • Scottish Government Presentation 2021 – Co-Presenter Social Research Methods - bold (Bringing out leaders in Dementia)
  • HammondCare International Dementia Conference 2020 – Care in the Age of Outrage – Concurrent Speaker “I See You. Exploring the Stories of People Without Dementia who have Meaningful Connections with People with Advanced Dementia’