Professor Ewen Cameron (MA, PhD, FRHistS, FSAScot)

Sir William Fraser Professor of Scottish History and Palaeography


I studied History and International Relations at the University of Aberdeen before completing a PhD, on Government policy in the Scottish Highlands, c.1880-1925, at the University of Glasgow.

I was a teaching Fellow at the University of St Andrews in 1992/93, was appointed to a lectureship in Scottish History at Edinburgh in 1993 and was promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2000, Reader in 2008, a Personal Chair in 2011 and to the Fraser Chair in 2012.

I am currently Head of the School of History, Classics and Archaeology

Responsibilities & affiliations

I am currently co-editor (with Dr Siobhan Talbott of the University of Manchester) of the Journal of Scottish Historical Studies. I am Chair of the Trustees of Edinburgh University Press and Convener of the Board of Trustees of Edinburgh University Press . I serve on the editorial board of the journal Scottish Affairs.

Undergraduate teaching

  • Highland Problems, 1851-1953 (4th year MA)
  • Scotland and the Great War (Option)
  • Contemporary Scotland (Option)

Postgraduate teaching

  • Scotland and Ireland, 1800-1945 (Postgraduate, online delivery)
  • Contemporary Scotland (Postgraduate)

Current PhD students supervised

Name - Degree - Thesis topic - Supervision type - Link

     - PhD - ‘The fragmentation of the Labour party ‘revisionist’ right, 1971-1983’, - Primary - link

Angus, Sonny - PhD - 'The Material Culture of Mass Politics in Scotland, c. 1815-c.1914' - Secondary -

Clark, Stuart - PhD - Entangled Histories? Scottish-Irish Interactions, c. 1800-1925 - Secondary -

Harrison, Laura - PhD - TBC - Primary - link

Hutchison, Gary - PhD - TBC - Secondary - link

Kane, Nathan - PhD - Scottish Nationalism 1880 - 1914 - Primary -

Macleod, Alasdair - PhD - John Kennedy of Dingwall (1819-84) and the development of Highland Piety - Primary -

Mason, Richard - MScR - Free Church of Scotland in Italy 1848-1880 - Secondary -

Merz, Caroline - PhD - Early cinema in Scotland; production - Secondary -

     - PhD - ‘Politics in Scotland during the Second World War’ - Secondary -

Noble, Alastair - PhD - ‘That Barbarous Region’: Representations of the Highlands and the Construction of Scotland 1745-1760 - Secondary -

Phemister, Andrew - PhD - ‘Our American Aristotle’: Henry George and the republican tradition during the transatlantic Irish Land War, 1877-1887 - Secondary -

Raeburn, Fraser - MScR - Scottish volunteers in the Spanish Civil War - Secondary - link

      - PhD - Shetland and the First World War - Primary -

      - PhD - From Menace to Mainstream: The Integration of the Catholic Irish Diaspora into Scottish Society 1920-1960 - Secondary -

Scothorne, Rory - PhD - TBC - Primary - link

Stewart, Thomas - PhD - TBC - Primary - link

Thompson, Kyle - PhD - Edinburgh Politics: 1885 - 1910 - Joint -

Watt, Patrick - MScR - 'The Scottish influences in the 16th Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force' - Primary - link

Past PhD students supervised

Name - Degree - Thesis topic - Supervision type - Completion year

Abernethy, Sally - MScR - ‘“Let us be cool, calm - and elected”: Conservative party strategy and the “centre” in the 1983 British general election’ - Secondary - 2014

Moxey, Sarah - MScR - ‘All in it together? Scotland, national unity and public opinion during the Second World War’ - Primary - 2013

Aikman, Calum - MScR - ‘The Labour party right and Britain’s entry into the Common Market, 1971’ - Primary - 2013

Ritchie, David - MScR - From Menace to Mainstream: The Integration of the Catholic Irish Diaspora into Scottish Society 1920-1960 - Secondary - 2010

Birnie, Clive - PhD - The Scottish Office and the Highland Problem, 1930s-1965 - Primary - 2008

Mulhern, Kirsteen - PhD - The Intellectual Duke: George Douglas Campbell, 8th Duke of Argyll, 1823-1900 - Primary - 2006

Tindley, Anne - PhD - The Sunderland Estate, c. 1860 - 1914: aristocratic decline, estate management and land reform - Primary - 2006

Barker, Douglas - PhD - Shapinsay: the transformation of an island society, 1830-1875 - Primary - 2005

MacGillivray, Neil - PhD - Food, poverty and epidemic disease, Edinburgh 1840-1850 - Primary - 2004

Birnie, Clive - MScR - The Scottish Office and the Highland Problem, 1930s-1965 - Primary - 2004

Wheeler, John - PhD - No Popery : John Cormack and the use of history - Secondary - 2003

Tindley, Anne - MScR - The Sunderland Estate, c. 1860 - 1914: aristocratic decline, estate management and land reform - Primary - 2002

Blair-imrie, Hew - PhD - The relationship between land ownership and the commercialisation of agriculture in Angus, 1750-1820 - Secondary - 2001

Research summary


  • Britain & Ireland
  • Scotland


  • Ideas
  • Imperialism
  • Labour
  • Politics
  • Society


  • Nineteenth Century
  • Twentieth Century & After

Current research interests

My research focuses on four inter-related themes. The first is the history of the Scottish Highlands. I have published widely on this and am currently completing a volume in EUP’s History of Gaelic Scotland series and a co-edited (with Dr Annie Tindley of the University of Dundee) volume for Birlinn on the contexts of the medical doctor and social reformer Dr Lachlan Grant. My interests in the highlands led me to make comparisons with Irish history and the comparative and transnational history of the land question has remained an interest. Research undertaken for my general history of Scotland since 1880, Impaled on a Thistle (Edinburgh, 2010) stimulated work on the political history of modern Scotland. This investigation of the position of Scotland within the Union and the relationship between Scotland and the UK state has prompted my recent work on the history of Scottish Universities in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

The list below is a subset of the information held on the University of Edinburgh PURE system, and includes Books, Chapters, Articles and Conference contributions. For a full list, including details of other publication types (e.g. reviews), please see the Edinburgh Research Explorer page for Professor Ewen Cameron.

Books - Authored

Cameron, E. (2010) Impaled Upon the Thistle: Scotland since 1880. Edinburgh University Press

Cameron, E. (2000) The LIfe and Times of Fraser Mackintosh, Crofter MP. Aberdeen: Centre for Scottish Studies, University of Aberdeen

Cameron, E. (1996) Land for the People? The British Government and the Scottish Highlands, c. 1880-1930. Tuckwell Press

Books - Edited

Cameron, E. and Tindley, A. (eds.) (2015) Dr Lachlan Grant of Ballachulish, 1871 - 1945. Edinburgh: John Donald Publishers

Cameron, E. (ed.) (2013) Recovering from the Clearances: Land Struggle, Resettlement and Community Ownership in the Hebrides. Kershader: Islands Book Trust


Cameron, E. (2021) The Scottish landed estate: Break-up or survival?. Journal of Irish and Scottish Studies, 10(1), pp. 95-116

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