Eva Coral Almeida (PhD student)

Thesis title: Breaks from sitting and their effects on musculoskeletal spinal tissues in adults


I hold a Bachelor in Physiotherapy (2003 - 2008), from the Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán (UADY) , México.  Upon graduating, I went on to work as a Physiotherapist for 8 years in different medical institutions in the city of Mérida, México. As a Physiotherapist I have experience working with physically disabled patients of all ages, with varying levels of orthopedic injuries, sports injuries, musculoskeletal disorders and neurological diseases.  Additionally, I have worked as a clinical instructor for Physiotherapy students.
I studied the MSc in Physical for Health (2016 - 2017), at The University of Edinburgh. My MSc dissertation was: "What factors influenced adults with type 2 diabetes to adhere to the “Fit for Health” programme delivered by Edinburgh Leisure? An ecological perspective".

Current research interests

- I am interested in how "too much sitting", or sedentary behaviour, affects musculoskeletal tissues in sedentary adults. - Physical therapy and rehabilitation, disability