Ercan Ozdemir

Thesis title: The Relationship between Childhood Trauma and Psychosis: Testing the Mentalization Model of Psychosis


MSc in Psychology of Mental Health, the University of Edinburgh (2018)

Postgraduate teaching

Teaching assistant for the MSc in Psychology of Mental Health course: Psychological Research Methods: Data Management and Analysis (2021)

Research summary

My research investigates the influence of childhood trauma on psychosis spectrum disorders from the perspective of mentalization. 



Popolo, R., MacBeth, A., Brunello, S., Canfora, F., Ozdemir, E., Rebecchi, D.,  Toselli, C., Venturelli, G., Salvatore, G., & Dimaggio, G. (2018). Metacognitive interpersonal therapy in group: a feasibility  study. Research in Psychotherapy: Psychopathology, Process and Outcome, 21(3). 

Current research interests

I am interested in the etiology and phenomenology of schizophrenia. In terms of etiology, my research explores the risk and resilience factors in people who manifest subclinical forms of psychotic-like experiences from a developmental psychology framework. In terms of phenomenology, I am interested in embodiment of the self and how it relates to the negative symptoms of schizophrenia, such as the disjunction between emotional experience and expression.