Professor Enda Delaney (MA, PhD)

Professor of Modern History


Enda Delaney is a Professor at the University of Edinburgh, where he holds a Chair in Modern History.

Born (1971) and raised in Dublin, Ireland, he was educated at Maynooth University and Queen’s University Belfast.

Having previously held posts at a number of British and Irish universities, he joined the University of Edinburgh in 2006, and was promoted to Professor of Modern History in 2015.

Responsibilities & affiliations

Centre for the Study of Modern and Contemporary History

Undergraduate teaching

  • Britain, Ireland and Empire, c.1800-2000 (Level 2 Survey)
  • Immigration and Ethnicity in Modern Britain (Honours Elective)
  • The Great Irish Famine, 1845-1852: Hunger, Modernity and Exile (Honours Elective)
  • The Rise and Fall of the Human Empire? A History of the Anthropocene (Honours Elective)
  • Becoming Modern: Society and Culture in Ireland since 1780 (Final Year Special Subject)

Postgraduate teaching

  • Diaspora, Migration and Exile: The History of the Global Irish since 1600

Current PhD students supervised

  • Mason, Sarah. PhD. Women's Responses to Communal Militancy in West Belfast, 1975-1985. Joint
  • Wheeler, Christopher. PhD. The Influence of Irish Catholic Immigrants on New York City Politics, 1840-1860. Joint
  • Coffey, Niamh. PhD. Emigrant Irish Women and Dundee’s Textile Industry, 1845-1922. Joint (with Strathclyde)
  • Farrell,  Saul. PhD. The Gaelic League and the Irish Nation State, 1893-1922. Primary
  • Northcote, Callum. PhD. For King and Republic: Former British Servicemen and the Republican Movement. Secondary

Past PhD students supervised

  • Fletcher, Abigail. PhD. From Partition to Decriminalisation: Homosexuality in Northern Ireland 1921-1982. Joint. Completed 2023
  • Lively, Anna. PhD. Revolutionary Reverberations: Russia and Ireland in War and Revolution, 1905-1923. Primary. Completed 2022
  • Nolan, Bobbie. PhD. Language and Identity among Irish Migrants in San Francisco, Philadelphia and London, 1850-1920. Primary. Completed 2020
  • Doughty, Roseanna. PhD. Representations of the Troubles within the British Media, 1973-1997. Joint. Completed 2019
  • Clark, Stuart. PhD. The Scots in Ireland under the Union: The Boundaries of Britishness, c.1800-1925.. Joint. Completed 2019
  • Bateson, Catherine. PhD. The Culture and Sentiments of Irish American Civil War Songs. Primary. Completed 2018
  • Curran, Joseph. PhD. Civil Society in the Stateless Capital: Charity and Authority in Dublin and Edinburgh, c.1815-c.1845. Primary. Completed 2018
  • Cooper, Sophie. PhD. Irish Migrant Identities and Community Life in Melbourne and Chicago, 1840-1890. Primary. Completed 2017
  • Watson, Iain. PhD. Changed Lives, Flexible Identities and Adaptable Responses: A Comparative History of post-1950 Scottish Migrants in New Zealand and Hong Kong. Primary. Completed 2017
  • Phemister, Andrew. PhD. ‘Our American Aristotle’: Henry George and the Republican Tradition during the Transatlantic Irish Land War, 1877-1887. Joint. Completed 2017
  • Varricchio, Mario . PhD. From the Mother Country: Oral Narratives of British Emigration to the United States, 1860-1940. Secondary. Completed 2012

Research summary

Modernity in comparative historical contexts; history of human cognition and culture; modern Ireland, including the diaspora, since 1750.


  • Britain & Ireland
  • Europe


  • Comparative & Global History


  • Eighteenth Century
  • Nineteenth Century
  • Twentieth Century & After

The list below is a subset of the information held on the University of Edinburgh PURE system, and includes Books, Chapters, Articles and Conference contributions. For a full list, including details of other publication types (e.g. reviews), please see the Edinburgh Research Explorer page for Professor Enda Delaney.

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Books - Edited

Delaney, E., McGarry, F. and Graham, T. (eds.) (2019) The Irish Revolution 1919 -21: A Global History (History Ireland Special Volume). Dublin: Wordwell

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