Emilie Sleight

Thesis title: Advanced signal processing and MRI to assess cerebrovascular health in small vessel disease and dementia


I graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in 2019 with a MSc in Physics and biomedical technologies.

I am now a PhD student at the Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences (CCBS).


2019 - MSc in Physics with minor in Biomedical Technologies, EPFL

2017 - BSc in Physics, EPFL

Project activity

My PhD focuses on cerebrovascular reactivity, which corresponds to the ability of blood vessels to dilate in response to a stimulus such as a hypercapnic challenge. My project aims at improving the processing steps of cerebrovascular reactivity (CVR) data, which is acquired through a hypercapnic-BOLD paradigm. I am interested in investigating the relationship between CVR and small vessel disease features.

As part of my project, I also acquire the CVR data for the Mild Stroke Study 3 (MRC/Fondation Leducq funded study of cerebral small vessel disease).

Current project grants