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Name Role Business unit(s)
Sarah Barnard Committees and Administration Officer
Nick Barnes Publishing and Communications Manager
Ruth Barnes (PhD student)
Dr Tertia Barnett Honorary Fellow; Archaeology
Jackie Barnhart Student and Academic Services Manager
Kelsey Archer Barnhill
Lourdes Barquín Sanmartín
Lourdes Barquín Sanmartín Tutor in Spanish
Ms Jane S Barr Communications & Marketing, SCADR
Sean Barr Undergraduate Administrator
Paul Barratt Lecturer and Deputy Programme Manager
Beatriz Barreto Saalfeld PA to Director of Edinburgh Research Office
Ms Danielle Barrett Veterinary Nurse (Support) Twilight
Dr Marcelo Barria Group Leader / Research Fellow
Dr Karen Barrie Lecturer
Alice Barrier Business Development Manager
Professor Judith Barringer Professor of Greek Art and Archaeology
Nicolás Barry
Yahya Barry Feeling at Home and Seeing the Other Side: Muslim Responses to Right Wing Populism in the UK and Scandinavia. A Case of Four Cities
Professor Hans M Barstad Emeritus Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament Studies