Duncan Sproul

CRUK Career Development Fellow


Dr Duncan Sproul is a programme leader and CRUK Career Development Fellow at the MRC Human Genetics Unit and Institute of Genetics and Cancer.  Duncan studied Genetics at the University of Edinburgh before being awarded an MRC pre-doctoral fellowship to undertake a PhD on the regulation of gene clusters with Prof Wendy Bickmore at the MRC Human Genetics Unit. During his postdoctoral training at the Edinburgh Breakthrough Breast Cancer Research Unit with Dr Andrew Sims, Duncan applied emerging epigenomic technologies to understand the role of epigenetic dysfunction in breast carcinogenesis. He joined the MRC Human Genetics Unit in 2013 as a research fellow and was awarded a Career Development Fellowship from CRUK in 2016. He is also an alumnus of the Scottish Crucible.


Bachelor 2002, Bachelor of Science (Hons), Genetics, University of Edinburgh

Doctorate 2008, Doctor of Philosophy, PhD, University of Edinburgh (“The role of chromatin structure in regulating the human Epidermal Differentiation Complex”)

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