Dr Úna Clancy (MB BAO BCh PhD)

Scottish Clinical Research Excellence Development Scheme (SCREDS) Clinical Lecturer


  • Current Scottish Clinical Research Excellence Development Scheme (SCREDS) Clinical Lecturer
  • Previous Chief Scientist Office Clinical Academic Fellow
  • Previous Princess Margaret Research Development Fellow
  • Recipient of SINAPSE Postgraduate and Early Career Research Experience travel fellowship to Sunnybrook Dementia Institute, University of Toronto




Undergraduate teaching

Supervisor, BMS Honours Student Projects

Postgraduate teaching

Department of Geriatric Medicine tutor at the University of Edinburgh, August 2022-present

Research summary

Analysing relationships between neuropsychiatric symptoms and longitudinal imaging features of cerebral small vessel disease

Current research interests

Clinical features of SVD progression Delirium and cerebral small vessel disease Neuropsychiatric symptoms and cerebral small vessel disease Gait and SVD

Knowledge exchange


Clancy U*, Makin SDJ, McHutchison CA, Cvoro V, Chappell FM, Valdes Hernandez MC, Sakka E, Doubal F, Wardlaw JM Impact of small vessel disease progression on long-term cognitive and functional changes after stroke. Neurology Apr 2022, 98 (14) e1459-e1469

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Jochems ACC, Muñoz Maniega S, Clancy U*, Jaime Garcia D, Arteaga C, Hewins W, Penman R, Hamilton OKL, Czechoń A, Backhouse EV, Thrippleton MJ, Stringer MS, Bastin ME, Valdés Hernández MC, Wiseman S, Chappell FM, Doubal FN, Wardlaw JM. Associations of peak-width skeletonized mean diffusivity and post-stroke cognition. Life (in press)

Project activity

During my CSO fellowship, I led coordination and recruitment of a prospective serial imaging study of stroke patients (>180 patients/500 visits/2.5 years) achieving 90% one-year retention, 2018-2021. I led the study team and chaired weekly study team meetings. I contributed to study administration including set-up, ethical and R&D approvals, and progress and funding reports. I also recruited to 4 multicentre studies including the LACI-2 RCT., Rates Risks and Routes to Reduce Vascular Dementia, the LACunar Intervention (LACI-2) Trial-2, TREAT-SVDs trial, and the INVESTIGATE-SVDs study.

Current project grants

Awarding body: British Geriatrics Society Research Start Up Grant
Grantholders: Clancy U, Doubal FN, Maclullich A, Wardlaw JM
Title: Studies of Small Vessel Diseases: Brain Imaging in Delirium
Award amount: £10,000
Role: Lead Applicant/Principal Investigator
Dates: August 2022 - August 2023

Past project grants

Awarding body: Stroke Association Project Grant
Grantholders: Doubal FN, Clancy U, Chappell F, Wiseman S, Wardlaw JM
Title: Small Vessel Disease - Spotlight on Symptoms (SVD-SOS): Improving recognition of symptoms and signs of
progressing cerebral small vessel disease-related brain damage to prevent cognitive decline, dementia and stroke (SA PG
Role: co-applicant, study recruitment and coordination
Dates: 2019-2022

Awarding body: Chief Scientist Office Clinical Academic Fellowship
Grantholder: Clancy U
Title: Symptoms of SVD: identifying non-traditional neurological and cognitive symptoms of cerebral small vessel disease
Award amount: £221,372
Role: Clinical Research Fellow
Dates: 2018-2021

Awarding body: Stroke Association
Grantholder: Clancy U, Whiteley W
Title: Princess Margaret Research Development Fellowship
Award amount: £20,652
Role: Clinical Research Fellow - Salary support to work on pilot data and develop a successful training fellowship application
Dates: February 2018 - August 2018

Awarding body: Scottish Imaging Network – A Platform for Scientific Excellence Postdoctoral and Early Career Exchange
Travel Grant.
Title: Neuropsychiatric symptoms as a sign of small vessel disease progression in cognitive impairment
Award amount: £3,800
Role: Visit to collaborators at Hurvitz Brain Sciences Research Program, Sunnybrook Research Institute, Toronto, to harmonise multisite study procedures and analyse longitudinal data
Dates: 2018-2019