Dr Umer Naveed Chaudhry

Postdoctoral Scientist

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The Roslin Institute
Easter Bush Campus

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EH25 9RG


I am a veterinary researcher and molecular parasitologist, focusing on multi-host parasites of global animal and human health importance. I am leading antimicrobial drug resistance projects funded by BBSRC UK, Carnegie trust UK, NSERC Canada, HEC Pakistan. A pivotal component of my work involves the construction of Haemonchus contortus genetic linkage map and XQTL analysis to aid in the identification of anthelmintic resistance loci that might help to improve long-term sustainable helminth control measures. Another key component of the work involves field studies, investigating the relationships between pasture larval contamination, the availability of infective larvae on pasture and the build-up of infection in animals, which has led to the investigation of the emergence and spread of resistance mutations and patterns of drug selection in parasitic nematodes: the sustainable control of parasites. Last few years, I also work on the genetics of trematode parasites including the origins of the Calicophoron daubneyi rumen fluke infection in UK (funded by BBSRC-UK) and the spread of anthelmintic resistance in Fasciola gigantica liver fluke funded by HEC Pakistan. I plan to develop this expertise in the study of antimicrobial resistance in protozoan parasites, building on work that I have undertaken to provide genetic evidence of pyrimethamine resistance in Plasmodium vivax funded by HEC Pakistan. I am interested to use and develop this expertise, working with natural field populations of T. annulata to provide new insights into the broader topic of antimicrobial drug resistance funded by Carnegie trust UK.

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