Dr Thalia Blacking (MA VetMB PhD FHEA MRCVS)

Lecturer in Applied Vet Physiology

Responsibilities & affiliations

Personal tutor (undergraduate)

Course organiser - Animal Body 4

Section organiser - Locomotion (Y2), Metabolism (Y2), Metabolism (GEP)

Convenor of Examination Board - Animal Body 3

Member of Examination Board - Animal Body 4, Animal Body GEP

Final Year Staff-Student Liaison Committee - Independent Staff Advisor

Learning and Teaching Committee


University & College Union - Local contact (EBVC)

Regrading / contribution rewards panel representative; Workload working group member


Previous - Quality Assurance Committee (2012-2015); EBRC Seminar Committee (2012-2015)

Postgraduate teaching


Year 1 - Animal Body 1 (From Cells to Body Structure):

Neurology & neurohistology

Vertebrae & Biomechanics

Live limb anatomy

Receptor theory / cell signalling and drug action

Year 2 / GEP -

Animal Body 3 (Systems biology and pathobiology):

Equine locomotor anatomy (Locomotion - section organiser)

Metabolism (Section organiser)

Ruminants - fermentative digestion

Intestinal secretion and absorption

Haemoglobin and gas transport

Cardiac anatomy / histology and mechanisms of muscle contraction

Animal Body 4 (Integration, application and deductive reasoning): (Course organiser)


Equine recurrent airway obstruction

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