Dr Sarah Lane Ritchie (BA, MDiv, MSc, PhD)

Lecturer in Theology and Science


I work at the intersection of theology and the sciences, and am particularly involved with questions surrounding the human mind, the relationship between God and the physical world, divine action, the phenomenology and cognitive development of religious belief, and the complex ways in which scientific research can play a role in constructive theological scholarship. Current research interests also include theistic naturalisms, epistemology and psychology of religious intuition, the neuropsychology of religious experience, and the cognitive science of belief formation.





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BA (Major: Philosophy and Religion, Minors: Biology and Psychology): Spring Arbor University, 2008

MDiv: Princeton Theological Seminary, 2012

MSc (Science and Religion): University of Edinburgh, 2014

PhD (Science and Religion): University of Edinburgh, 2017

Responsibilities & affiliations

Council Member of the European Society for the Study of Science and Theology (ESSSAT)


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