Sangpil Jin

Teaching and Research Postdoctoral Fellow in Korean Studies


Sangpil joined the University of Edinburgh as Teaching and Research Postdoctoral Fellow in Korean Studies. He specializes in modern Korean history, diplomatic history, imperial history, and East Asian geopolitics. He obtained a PhD in Korean Studies at the School of Oriental Studies, the University of London, where he also served as a Research Fellow. His works have appeared in Acta Koreana, The International History Review and Diplomacy & Statecraft. His book on Korean neutrality and modern international relations of East Asia has recently been published by the University of Hawai’i Press.


BA in International Relations, Knox College, U.S.A.

MA in Asian History, SOAS, UK.

PhD in Korean Studies, SOAS, UK.

Postgraduate teaching

Global Cities: Seoul in Comparative Perspective

Unwritten Korea: Understanding Korean society and culture through films and the arts

Korean politics and international relations

Current research interests

• Modern Korean history • Diplomatic history • Imperial history • International relations of East Asia

Current project grants

Seed Program for Korean Studies

Past project grants

Core University Program for Korean Studies


2021. Surviving Imperial Intrigues: Korea’s Struggle for Neutrality amid Empires, 1882-1907. University of Hawai‘i Press.


2020. Revisiting Russo-Japanese Hegemonic Rivalry in East Asia before 1904: Korean Railroads. Diplomacy & Statecraft 31(2), 209-230.

2019. The Port Hamilton (Geomundo) Incident (1885-1887): Retracing Another Great Game in Eurasia. The International History Review 41(2), 280-303.

2017. Telegraph Lines and Postal System: How Communication Systems Served as a Conduit for Korea-Major Power Relations from the Late Nineteenth to the Early Twentieth Century. Acta Koreana 20(1), 111-142.


2019. Could permanent neutrality be the answer for Korea? East Asia Forum,  

2018. Course Correction: A Way Forward for North Korea Denuclearization. The Diplomat,