Roxana Preda

Leverhulme Fellow


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Dr. Phil in Literary Theory and American Literature

Responsibilities & affiliations

Chair of the Ezra Pound Society

Senior editor of Make It New

Member of the Modern Language Association (MLA)

Member of the British Association of Modernist Studies (BAMS)

Research summary

My main research interest is in modernism and contemporary American literature. I have several long-term projects that focus on modernism and the arts, as well as author studies, particularly on Ezra Pound and Gertrude Stein.

Current research interests

I have just completed a monograph on the academic reception of Ezra Pound called Professional Attention; two collective volumes, Companion on Pound and the arts and Pound and Economics are now in preparation. I have recently started adapting my research to digital media, seeking to improve the distribution and widen the impact of my work. My first project was an attempt to burst the constraints of the print medium by producing a video clip of Canto 75 by Ezra Pound, a work that consists in seven lines of poetry followed by a musical score for violin. Two years later, I became more ambitious and created a website for the Ezra Pound Society. At present, I am working on a project of great magnitude: to provide digital annotation of Ezra Pound's The Cantos, a poem in 116 sections. The platform is now developing into a major reference for the annotated text, sources and secondary literature on the poem. The Cantos Project is meant to serve both research and teaching.

Project activity

The Cantos Project is a digital research environment (DRE) dedicated to the study of Ezra Pound’s monumental long poem, The Cantos, a poem which was started around May 1915 and closed by 1959. After that date, uncollected fragments of the poem continued to be published, Drafts and Fragments (1968), Posthumous Cantos (2002, 2015) and Sero te amavi (forcoming). The first collection of fragments (1968) is now included within the body of The Cantos proper, having received Pound’s authorization, and is considered the poem’s epilogue.

The project is edited by Andrew Taylor and Roxana Preda at the School of Literatures Languages and Cultures of the University of Edinburgh and is funded by the Leverhulme Trust until 2021.

The goals of the project are twofold: maintain and develop the current and future readership of the poem through multimedia annotation; further, provide a space where the community of Pound scholars, as well as students of the poem can find the best work of the past, talk to each other and develop the scholarship of the future. 

Permission to proceed was graciously granted by New Directions in February 2012 and formally reinforced in March 2013. The negotiations established that only six cantos would be available for display at any one time.

The Cantos Project is peer-reviewed by a board of scholars who agreed to supervise the project as a whole. The editors submit every annotated canto to the scholarly board before publishing on the site.

Current project grants

Leverhulme grant, 2016-2021