Dr Robin Grant

Consultant Neurologist & Hon Senior Lecturer


  • Consultant Neurologist in the Department of Clinical Neurosciences, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh
  • Trained in Neuro-Oncology in University of Michigan Medical Center and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in 1999-2000
  • Established the Edinburgh Centre for Neuro-Oncology in 2003
  • Clinical research interest lie in symptoms research (tumour associated epilepsy, cognition, mood and fatigue) and quality of life in neuro-oncology and evidence based medicine
  • Advised on the evidence tumour associated epilepsy section of the EFNS:EANO low grade glioma guidelines
  • President of the European Association for Neuro-Oncology (2008-10)
  • Established and coordinating editor of Cochrane Neuro-Oncology Group
  • Advised on many Neuro-Oncological clinical, research and regulatory committees in UK and Europe