Dr Richard Reardon

Senior Lecturer in Equine Surgery


Richard graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in London in 2004, following which he spent 6 months in mixed practice before undertaking an 18 month equine internship at Donnington Grove Veterinary Practice in Newbury.

Richard then spent six years at Glasgow University, during which time he undertook a residency in equine surgery as well as a Master’s degree and a PhD. Richard obtained his RCVS certificate in orthopaedic surgery in 2009, his ECVS diploma in Large animal surgery in 2010,a Master’s degree in Equine surgery from the University of Glasgow in 2011 and his PhD investigating risk factors for injury to Thoroughbred horses during racing in 2013.

Richard enjoys all aspects of equine surgery and has research interests in both soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery. Soft tissue surgery research interests include evaluation of surgical procedures of the equine upper respiratory tract, an area in which he has published and presented internationally and risk factor analysis for racing Thoroughbreds. Richard has a keen interest in respiratory endoscopy at exercise and has been involved in a number of publications in the area. Richard is also involved in a number of studies relating to equine dentition and paranasal sinuses.


Bachelors in Veterinary Medicine, Royal Veterinary College Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), University of Glasgow An investigation of risk factors associated with injuries to horses undertaking jump racing in Great Britain Master of Science, University of Glasgow

Diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Surgeons, DipECVS Certificate in Equine Surgery (orthopaedics), CertES(Orth) Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, MRCVS




Responsibilities & affiliations

Equine Orthopaedics, Equine Soft tissue surgery / dentistry

Area of Expertise

Research expertiseEquine Surgery


Clinical Expertise and Specialisation

Richard has the RCVS certificate in equine surgery (orthopaedics) and is an RCVS recognised specialist in equine surgery.

He also has the ECVS diploma in large animal surgery.

He currently focusses the majority of his time on clinics focussing on soft tissue surgery and dental cases.

Undergraduate teaching

Richard teaches final year undergraduate students in the equine clinic, as well as lecturing 4th year students on clinical topics. He is the exam board chair for the 4th year equine course and sits on the ASSET panel, which is currently responsible reviewing the structure of the entire undergraduate course.

Richard is the course leader for the equine orthopaedics online MSc course.

Research summary

I have many interests related to clinically relevant equine veterinary surgery. Studies currently underway: An investigation of the closure time of skull suture lines in horses. Cadaveric, radiographic and CT examination of the anatomy of the nasal conchal bullae of horses. Cadaveric and CT anatomy of equine cheek teeth and paranasal sinuses Surveys of equine peripheral caries Evaluation of stress affecting equids during hospital examinaion Racehorse knowledge transfer

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