Professor Nazife Burcu Takil

Ataturk Teaching Fellow in Turkish


Prof. Takil is a member of teaching staff at IMES the University of Edinburgh since 2022.

After she completed her BA in Turkish Education at Gazi University, she completed her PhD studies in Turkish Teaching as a Foreign Language at Gazi University. 

She collaborated more than 10 projects with Turkish Ministry of Education, UNESCO, UNICEF, European Union.

Prof Takil has also novels and 120 story books for children, teaching Turkish as a heritage language , foreign language and main language.



Responsibilities & affiliations

2022-  The University of Edinburgh, Teaching Fellow

2010-2022 Gazi University, Turkish research assistent, Assoc. Prof, Prof.

2008-2010 Turkish Ministry of Education, Turkish teacher

Current research interests

Turkish Teaching as a foreign language, Turkish culture, Children's literature

Past research interests

Turkish Teaching as a foreign language, Turkish culture, Children's literature

Affiliated research centres

Project activity

1. Innovative Approach in Adult Education:Digital Storytelling in Intergenerational Learning - SHAHRAZAD (Co- funded by the Erasmus + Program-me of the European Union) 2022-2023

2. Mentoring Elementary Students and Teachers About Consent (Program-me of the European Union) (01/11/2022 - 31/10/2024)

3. Story writing to strengthen children's psychological resilience (Co-funded by UNICEF and Turkish Ministry of National Education)

4.Supporting The Integration of Syrian Children into The Turkish Education System (Co-funded by Council of Europe and Turkish Ministry of National Education) 08/02/2022

5.Lend a Hand - Social Inclusion Programming for Migrant and Refugee Children at Primary Schools (Co-funded by Council of Europe)02/10/2017 - 02/10/2018

6.Dede Korkut Stories Project (Council of Europe and Turkish Ministry of National Education)) 06/05/2020 - 29/11/2020 

7. Psyco-Educational Project in Compulsory Life Events (Co-funded by UNICEF and Turkish Ministry of National Education)19/08/2020 - 11/10/2021

8.Online Education of Turkish Teachers Abroad For Turkish Children Abroad (Other public institutions) 2022

9.Compilation of Archive Documents Related to Ottoman Period Turkish Teaching, Scientific research project supported by Higher Education Institutions,  09/03/2016 - 16/12/2016  

10. Anatolian Tales From The Language of Ancients (UNESCO and Turkish Ministry of National Education). 2020-2021



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