James Collin (PhD, FHEA)

Teaching Fellow

Undergraduate teaching

Course Organiser and Lecturer

God in Philosophy: Plato to Hume (THET08010)

Postgraduate teaching

Programme Director

MSc Philosophy, Science and Religion (Online)

Course Organiser and Lecturer

Philosophy, Science and Religion 1: The Physical World (Online) (PHIL11160)

Philosophy, Science and Religion 2: Life and Mind (Online) (THET11046)

Philosophy of Religion (Online) (PHIL11159)

History of Science and Religion (Online)


History of Science and Religion in the Christian Tradition (THET11015)


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Research summary

My research focusses on the intersection of issues in the philosophy of languge, metaphysics and epistemology, and in particular on how pragmatist conceptions of language such as semantic inferentialism bear on metaphysical and epistemological matters.  Currently, I'm trying to draw out the implications of this for topics in philosophy of religion and philosophy of science.

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