Dr Elaine Haycock-Stuart (Principal Fellow Higher Education Academy PFHEA, Churchill Fellow, RGN,RM, RHV)

Senior Lecturer & Director Quality, Principal Fellow Higher Education Academy PFHEA, Honorary Health Visiting Consultant


Dr Elaine Haycock-Stuart is a Senior Lecturer and current School Director of Quality (2019-present). A Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy since 2015 Elaine has key responsibilities for learning and teaching and is an elected member of Senate.  Elaine has a key role in Quality Assurance and Enhancement and undertakes teaching quality reviews across the University and external to the University. A Registered Adult Nurse, Midwife and Health Visitor  she has had clinical experience in Neurology, Intensive Care, all areas of maternity care in addition to urban and rural health visiting. 


Elaine is a Co-Investigator European funded ERASMUS programme A new agenda for nurse educator education in Europe 2020-1-FI01-KA203-066590

 Elaine’s overarching research programme has a public health and service organisation and delivery focus underpinned by a strong nursing leadership and user and carer emphasis.  Research linked to nursing education examines Student Fitness to Practise and Raising Concerns in clinical practice. Leadership research has examined the community nursing context. 


Leadership and Teaching

Elaine has holds several leadership posts in the University including being a member of Senate Learning and Teaching Committee, School of Director of Learning and Teaching  (August 2013-Jan 2017 and Postgraduate Director for Nursing Studies. She has led on the quality of teaching through membership on several University and College committees e.g.College Undergraduate Learning and Teaching and College Postgraduate Studies Committees. She has previously been Director of the Undergraduate Bachelor of Nursing (BN) Programme and Masters Programme and led curricula  development. Currently she mentors and assesses the Edinburgh Teaching Award (EdTa) for the recognition of teaching quality. Nominated for College and Student Union Teaching awards Elaine takes a key role in leading and supporting teaching.

Elaine has a key role in Quality Assurance and Enhancement and undertakes teaching quality reviews across the University and external to the University.     Elaine led the design and development of the pioneering World Health Organisation (WHO) Family Health Nurse programme at the University of Stirling (1998-2002); this was the first of the WHO Family Health Nurse programmes to be developed and implemented successfully and was a basis for other programmes internationally.

Elaine is a founding Board Member for the Scottish Collaboration for Enhancement of Pre-Registration Nursing (SCEPRN) (2011-present) instigating the national co-ordination of pre-registration nursing curricular in Scotland for the 11 HEIs providing pre-registration nursing education.


Background and Beyond the University

Elaine was award a Chief Scientist Office (CSO) Health Service Research Training Fellowship to undertake doctoral studies (PhD1999) examining Sense and Susceptibility: How mothers' view accidental injury risk and develop safety strategies for pre-school children. Elaine continued to work as a health visitor in Central Scotland whilst studying towards her doctoral studies. Elaine is a Churchill Fellow (1996 lifetime award) and the focus of the fellowship explored unintentional injury prevention strategies in Australia and New Zealand.

With experience and a strong interest in community nursing and primary care services Elaine works at the interface between health and social care research and was the expert advisor to the Scottish Government and Vice Chair for the Research Advisory Group for the research evaluation Review of Nursing in the Community in Scotland.  Since its inceptions (2012 until 2022) Elaine has been a programme board member  academic advisor to NHS Education Scotland (NES) General Practice Nursing Programme Board for Scotland. Elaine previously was an invited member of the (NES) Modernising Nursing in the Community (MNiC) Education Subgroup and expert advisor to the Queens Nursing Institute Scotland (QNIS) Education and Professional Development Committee.  Elaine has been the Scottish representative for the UK Research Advisory Group of the Community Practitioners and Health Visitors Association (CPHVA).  Previously Honorary Secretary of the international organisation ICCHNR Elaine remains a board member organising International Conferences for Community Health Nursing Research (ICCHNR). 





Doctor of Philosophy PhD (1999 University of Edinburgh)

Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (PFHEA 2015)

Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) Registered Teaching qualification.

Management Certificate

Diploma in Health Visiting RHV

Registered Midwife RM

Registered General Nurse RGN

Responsibilities & affiliations

International Conferences for Community Health Nursing Research (ICCHNR) http://icchnr.org/who-we-are-2/

Churchill Fellow, Churchill Trust https://www.wcmt.org.uk/users/elainehaycock-stuart1996

Community Practitioners' & Health Visitors' Association

Postgraduate teaching

Elaine has previously held the role of  Director of Postgraduate Research with oversight for the three postgraduate research programmes which include the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Masters of Philosophy (MPhil) and Masters by Research (MScR). 

Elaine supervises and examines doctoral student work.

Elaine welcomes PhD applications particularly those with a focus on public health, community/primary care, leadership, long term conditions, education, Fitness to Practise.


Open to PhD supervision enquiries?


Areas of interest for supervision

Elaine particularly welcomes PhD supervision enquiries from potential PhD students in the following areas; service organisation and delivery and especially in relation to community nursing services, nursing education, fitness to practice, student learning, leadership, person centred care and users' perspectives of their care including maternal and child health. Elaine welcomes qualitative and mixed methods approaches to research.

Examples of current PhD students' work includes examining end of life care, sex workers healthcare needs, health visiting, stroke rehabilitation, women's experiences of cardiac disease.


Current PhD students supervised

Christopher Sweeney CSO Fellowship PhD Student year 1

An exploration of how parents of children under 5 respond to childhood illness and make decisions to use unscheduled care services as a single system within NHS Scotland.

Claudia Collado PhD Student year 2 

End of Life Care

Esra Sinary PhD Student year 2

Illness and treatment-seeking experiences of Saudi Women with Acute Coronary Syndrome.

Fiona McIntosh PhD Student year 3

“A Phenomenological Inquiry of Final Year Student Nurses’ experiences of living and being educated through the collective period of Black Lives Matter movement and COVID-19; have these had an impact upon them, and if so how?”

Hanadi Dakhilallah PhD student (submitted July 2022)

Using the Integrative Behavioral Model to explore the factors influencing nurse adherence towards personal protective equipment (PPE).

Paichit Amsri PhD Student year 2

Exploration of healthcare access among migrant female sex workers in Thailand.

Past PhD students supervised


 2021 Liao, Zih-Yong, PhD The University of Edinburgh

Title of PhD Thesis : ‘Experiences of Receiving Long-Term Care Services Post Stroke From the Perspectives of Indigenous and Non-indigenous People in the Taiwanese Community: A Focused Ethnographic Study.’

2020 Khairatul Azwa Binti Mohd Shamsuddin, PhD, The University of Edinburgh

Title of PhD Thesis : ‘The Role of Empowerment in Reconstructing Nurses’ Professional Identity to  Achieve Research Utilization: A Grounded Theory Study’

2018 Kuai In Tam, PhD, The University of Edinburgh..

Title of PhD Thesis: A Qualitative Case Study Analysis of the Development of

 End of Life Care in Macao

2018 Busarin Eiu-Seeyok, PhD, The University of Edinburgh.

Title of PhD Thesis: The Quality and Safety of Inter-hospital Transfers Care of Critically Ill Patients from Rural Community Hospitals to the Tertiary Regional Hospital in Thailand: A Focused Ethnographic Study.

2017 Dr Siew Pien Lee, PhD, The University of Edinburgh. Funded through a Malaysia University Scholarship

Title of PhD Thesis:   ‘Children’s participation in decisions regarding their nursing care: an

Ethnographic study of children, parents and nurses in the oncology setting’.

2015 January Dr Elizabeth Chodzaza, PhD, The University of Edinburgh. Funded by a Commonwealth Scholarship

Title of PhD Thesis:   ‘Midwifery Decision Making During the First Stage of Labour within the Malawian Context.’ An ethnographic study.

2014 January Dr Jing Zhang, PhD, The University of Edinburgh. Funded by Hangzhou Normal University Scholarship.

Title of PhD Thesis:   ‘A grounded theory analysis of hospital based Chinese midwives’ professional identity construction.’

2013 November Dr Yuexian Tao, PhD, The University of Edinburgh. Funded by Hangzhou Normal University Scholarship.

Title of PhD Thesis:   ‘Nursing students’ attitudes towards rural nursing practice.’ Mixed Methods.

2010 February Dr Julia Quickfall, PhD, The University of Edinburgh. Funded by Queens Nursing Institute Scotland.

Title of PhD Thesis:   ‘The cross-cultural promotion of health: a partnership process?  Principles and factors involved in the culturally competent community based nursing care of asylum applicants in Scotland.’ Ethnographic study.

2008 July  Helen Yewdall, Master of Philosophy, The University of Edinburgh         

Title of Thesis:   ‘We wrapped him in cotton wool.’  A qualitative study examining the healthcare experience of parents following the burn or scald injury of their child and the effect of the Injury on the family.

Research summary

Elaine’s programme of research has an overarching focus on public health and also service organisation and delivery. Recent work has an emphasis on investigating nursing leadership in the community setting, person centred care and people’s experiences of health and healthcare services including midwifery care. The overarching main aims of the programme of research are to improve quality of care and patient safety. Recent research examines student fitness to practise and raising concerns in clinical practice. She undertakes this research through qualitative and mixed methods approaches. Elaine’s experience and work in community nursing and primary care services connects research at the interface between health and social care alongside that of nursing education.  See Research Profile http://edin.ac/1rndloc

Current work Nursing Education research involves an ERASMUS project Title: A new agenda for nurse educator education in Europe 2020-1-FI01-KA203-066590. https://new-nurse-educator.utu.fi/

Public Health research completed recently examines breastfeeding during the Covid 19 pandemic.

The research focus is to examine the links between research and nursing practice, people’s experiences of health and healthcare services, particularly community services, nursing education and midwifery practice.

Nursing Education research completed led by Elaine as PI includes two studies which identify 1) good practice in Fitness to Practise (FtP) processes in pre-registration nursing education in the 11 Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Scotland and 2)  Students’ and Mentors’ Understandings of Fitness to Practice (FtP) Processes in Pre-registration Nursing Programmes in Scotland. The reports from this qualitative research are available from the funder NHS Education Scotland. 



Elaine also recently led as PI two research projects examining 1) student nurses’ perspectives of users and carer involvement in practice assessment in pre-registration programmes in the 11 Higher

Education Institutions (HEIs) in Scotland and 2) an evaluation of current practices to involve service users and carers in practice assessment The reports are available from the funder NHS Education Scotland website.



Previously Elaine led as PI research investigating Leadership: Understanding community nursing in Scotland funded by the Queens Nursing Institute Scotland (QNIS), Mary Jane Carr Research Award.



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