Dr Christopher Martowicz

Russian Language Assistant


  • 2011, PhD in Russian studies, St Andrews University, Scotland
    • thesis: The Work of Aleksandr Grin (1880-1932): A Study of Grin's Philosophical Outlook
  • 2003, MA in Russian Studies (Literature Studies and Foreign Language Teaching), Gdańsk University, Poland
    • thesis: Композиторское видение произведений русской литературы на примере избранных опер Сергея Сергеевича Прокофьева

Undergraduate teaching

  • Russian 1A 
  • Foundation Russian Language 1 
  • Foundation Russian Language 2

Research summary


For the last 6 years I have been focused mainly on various aspects of language education, e.g.:

  • methodology of teaching foreign languages and heritage languages
  • conversational approach in teaching grammar
  • psychology of second language acquisition
  • bilingualism in children


Other fields of interest outside of language teaching:

  • Russian literature: Alexandr Grin, Konstantin Balmont, Valery Briusov.
  • Russian classical music from 1880 to 1953 (mainly Prokofiev, Miaskovsky and Scriabin)
  • Christian existentialism (Søren A. Kierkegaard) and Lev Shestov
  • early Christianity and Patristic literature