Dr Chris Sibley

Sir Henry Dale Fellow


2002 - 2005    B.A. Physiological Sciences, University of Oxford, UK

2005 - 2006    M.Sc Neuroscience, University of Oxford, UK

2006 - 2010    DPhil Medical Sciences, University of Oxford, UK

2011 - 2013    Post-doctoral fellow, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, UK

2013 - 2014    Post-doctoral fellow, UCL Institute of Neurology, London, UK

2014 - 2015    Visiting research fellow, Department of Pathology, Melbourne University, Aus

2015 - 2019    Edmond Lily Safra fellow, Imperial College London, UK

2019 -               Sir Henry Dale fellow, School of Biological Sciences, Edinburgh, UK


Summary: Since joining Imperial College London as an independent fellow in 2015, I have established a research group that aims to understand how RNA is regulated in the central nervous system in both health and disease. A diverse range of wet and dry-lab techniques are used to achieve this, whilst the translational research is principled upon core concepts of basic mammalian RNA biology.  Accordingly, the group is positioned to work at the interface of systems biology, RNA biology and molecular neuroscience. The lab moved to the University of Edinburgh in May 2019 with the support of the Wellcome Trust and Royal Society.


Undergraduate teaching

2019 – present:   Lecturer on Gene Expression course:

  • Pre-mRNA splicing (3 lectures).
  • Marking of exams.

Project students

  • Two wet lab Honours students implementing iCLIP to study ALS-associated RBPs (2020) 
  • One dry lab Honours student investigating gene / splicing regulatory networks using single cell RNA-seq datasets (2020)

Past international courses

  • Organising committee member for three EMBO workshops on iCLIP (2 x Mainz - Germany, Barcelona - Spain)
  • Invited tutor at Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG) workshop on iCLIP & Ribosome profiling (Barcelona - Spain)

Open to PhD supervision enquiries?


Areas of interest for supervision

  • RNA processing in neurological disease
  • Modelling of RNA-binding protein activity
  • Stem cell models of neurological disease
  • Single cell RNA sequencing of ALS / autism 
  • Single cell multi-omic technologies

Please contact to discuss potential research projects

Current staff

Dr Aida Cardona-Alberich (Post-doctoral research associate)

Manon Tourbez (Research assistant)

Current students

Sienna Acciaroli - Characterising gene regulatory networks of the nervous system at cell-type resolution

Lauren Hinks - Defining the transcriptome-wide RNA interactions of MND-associated FET proteins with iCLIP

Ruairi Kelly - Defining the transcriptome-wide RNA interactions of MND-associated FET proteins with iCLIP

Past students supervised

Imperial College London: 2 x B.Sc. Biomedical Science students

University of Oxford: 2 x M.Sc. Neuroscience students, 1 x Final Honours School student in Medicine & Physiology

Past staff supervised

Imperial College London: Karen Davey (Research assistant), Daniel Chaves (Post-doctoral research associate)

Current project grants

- Wellcome Trust and Royal Society Sir Henry Dale Fellowship (2019-2024)
- Simons Initiative for the Developing Brain project grant (2019-2021)
- Rett syndrome Research Trust project grant (2020-2022, Co-I to Stuart Cobb).

Past project grants

- Wellcome Trust Seed Award (Imperial College London)
- MND Association project grant (Imperial College London)
- NIHR BRC project grant (x2, Imperial College London)
- Alzheimer’s Research-UK pump priming grant (Imperial College London)
- Edmond and Lily Safra fellowship (Imperial College London)

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